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Design + Home + Interiors + Life + Projects / Thursday, 28 Jun 2018

Details of my new Kitchen

Details of my New Kitchen

The story of my kitchen is a lesson in stubbornness. We are renters and really had no intention of staying here for 5 years, but alas, the longer we live here, the more I approach the space as a challenge to see how rad I can make it. Don’t tell me it can’t be done, because I will set out to prove you wrong! Ha! Well, last week I revealed our kitchen makeover and you guys were just as shocked as me to see the transformation. Our dreary little basement apartment kitchen went from 80s fabulous to timeless and refreshing with mostly small aesthetic changes and switching out some key components.

Today I’ll be taking you through the transformation process and telling you exactly what we did that provided the most impact including notes on the products, tips on how to work with the installers, and my ratings. I’m a big believer in reading reviews so here are my thoughts! It really is in the details, folks! Read on →

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Book Club + Life / Tuesday, 26 Jun 2018

July Book Club: Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

Hello Lars readers! Each summer, we love picking a fun biography or two to delve into, and this one doesn’t disappoint! Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson (master of biographies!) is an astoundingly thorough and colorful look at this “Renaissance Man”. Scientist, observer, engineer, and so much more, Leonardo was a complicated man who had a mind filled with curiosity and creativity that crossed disciplines. His art aided his scientific discoveries and vice versa. And if you can believe it, considering himself an artist or painter was actually LAST on his list of abilities! So grab a copy, follow along with us on Instagram, and learn something new this summer about the 15th and 16th centuries – a time of invention and innovation – and the people that adored Leonardo, his quirks, and his genius. Stay tuned for printables later this month! Enjoy!

Photography by Jane Merritt

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garden + gardening + Life + Projects / Thursday, 14 Jun 2018

Rainbow Lawn Makeover

Listen, I wouldn’t call myself an “outdoorsy” person per say, but I LOVE a well-manicured lawn and garden and I LOVE getting my hands dirty gardening. Has anyone been to the garden at Giverny, because that is the dream! Being surrounded by flowers is my ultimate happy place. I jumped for joy when Troy-Bilt asked us to be a part of their Flip the Yard Campaign! I know that landscaping can be a bit intimidating, so I wanted to show a simple way to add some whimsy and curb-appeal to your yard without enlisting a whole crew. This yard was certainly not terrible, but there were a few parts that were not as well-kept and lackluster. We tidied up our edges, banished the weeds, and planted loads of peonies for a fresh, clean slate. Then for the grand finale, we used mowing patterns to create a giant rainbow across the lawn! We like to call it Lawn Art, our newest obsession.

Check out the whole transformation and see what tools we used to create this Lawn Rainbow Makeover!

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Book Club + Design + Life + printable / Monday, 11 Jun 2018

Iris Apfel June Book Club Artwork

Iris Apfel June Book Club Artwork

Have you been enjoying Accidental Icon?? Iris Apfel’s love of life and all things colorful is infectious! Here are a few questions for you to read and think about. Tell us what you think as we continue reading about and discussing Iris all month long. This month’s amazing artwork was created by the talented Rosie Harbottle! Stay tuned for an interview with her later on this month!

Iris Apfel June Book Club Artwork Read on →

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Life + Shop + Shop the rainbow / Tuesday, 5 Jun 2018

30 Best Rainbow Products for Baby and Kids

Rainbow Products for Baby

My love of color has certainly carried over to baby items since having Jasper! In fact, it’s probably increased exponentially because of the sheer amount of adorable rainbow items out there! Honestly, I was a little apprehensive about baby clothing and items in general when I got pregnant. However, I’ve been so pleasantly surprised with the amazing quality and design of so many companies out there that cater to infants! There is SO MUCH good stuff! I’ve rounded up the 30 best rainbow products for baby and kids to share with you! These are my current favorites, some I have and some are on my wish list. Let me know what you’re liking and if you have any others to add to the list!

Check out all 30 Rainbow Baby and Kid Items!

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