Best Things to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

Happy Thursday, everyone! This week has flown by, with a holiday on Monday and lots of festivities going on here in Utah. Did you know Amazon Prime Day is almost upon us? This year, it’s more than just a day, too. It’s a whole 48 hours of jaw-dropping deals, and it’s coming up on July 12-13! That being said, we thought we’d help you out with a list of the best things to buy on Amazon Prime Day. 

Cricut Products

First up: Cricut products. Ever take a look at the price of a Cricut Maker and feel your heart skip a beat? They can be pretty pricey. That’s why they should be at the top of your list this Amazon Prime Day! Based on past years, there are notoriously awesome price cuts on these amazingly useful craft machines. And I can say from experience that the price tag is worth it, and it doesn’t get more worth it than the price on Amazon Prime Day. If you want the lowdown on why to use a Cricut and which option to choose, see this post.

Here’s a list of Cricut products you’ll want to consider putting on your Amazon Prime Day shopping list:

What to make with them:

And here’s just a small taste of what you can make with your new-found Cricut products:

Fiskars Products

Another thing you might want to add to your Amazon Prime Day shopping list are Fiskars products. I can’t gush enough about my love for Fiskars products, especially when it comes to sewing. I would be lost without them and can personally vouch for how incredibly useful they are. We’ve been doing a ton of sewing projects here lately and the first things I always grab are a pair of scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, and clear, gridded ruler. Here’s the list of Fiskars products we love:


What to make with them:

Here’s what to make with your Fiskars products:

Other Crafting Supplies

Among the crafting supplies you’ll want to add to your cart on Amazon Prime Day, here are my picks:

On Our Shop: My Book, Craft the Rainbow!

No more words needed. My favorite book of all time (okay, I’m fully aware of my biases here), this is the book of all books to get you started on crafting! It’s the perfect thing to pair with crafting supplies you’re about to buy. You’ll be equipped to make so many things! See the previous section for a list of other crafting supplies you’ll thank yourself for buying.

Craft the Rainbow book on a table with a brass hand-shaped lamp against a striped wall.

We want to know: what are you most interested in buying this Amazon Prime Day?


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