My birthday and birthdays past

Not posing at all.

When I went to go water my flower pots this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon gobs and gobs of garlands outside the door. Dear Paul has magical powers I tell you! He somehow got a hold of these felt garlands from Land Of Nod that I was going to use for another project along with my own flowers. He used my own ammunition on me! They’re perfect! Surprise garlands at your door can only mean one thing…

It’s my birthday! And because I’m a blogger, I can talk all about myself even more! Lucky you. I have a little tradition of recounting birthdays past because I have a pattern of being in a new city every year. Not on purpose. I wish I could say I was more deliberate in my plans, but it all seems to be on accident. And yes, of course, in my wildest dreams I’m spending Birthday 2013 in Provence, but until I earn my millions and build my vila, Provo, Utah it is.

June 11, 2012: Roskilde, Denmark
June 11, 2011: Namje, Nepal
June 11, 2010: Copenhagen, Denmark
June 11, 2009: Berlin, Germany
June 11, 2008: NY, NY
June 11, 2007: Washington, DC.
June 11, 2006: Kensington, MD.
June 11, 2005: San Clemente, CA.
June 11, 2004: Curitiba, Brazil.
June 11, 2003: Dana Point, CA.
June 11, 2002: Venice, Italy.

and finally…

June 11, 2013…..PROVO, UT. Ha! This year’s birthday helps balance out my in-America tally.

Land of Nod was kind enough to provide all the garlands. Thank you! They come in a ton of colors in triangles and circles.



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