Birth of Venus Costume

If you know me, you know I think about Halloween costumes year-round. Sometimes there are so many costume ideas swirling in my head, and I have to make the difficult decision about the ONE costume I’m going to choose for the year. Luckily, I was able to take all of these tortured artist costumes and turn them into a whole themed party! No more choosing one costume… why not have them all?!

Scroll below to check out the Birth of Venus costume tutorial!

You’ll Need:

Our vanitas Halloween is in full swing, and we’re so excited about our tortured artist costume tutorials! Let’s continue with the Birth of Venus costume!
Birth of Venus was painted by Sandro Botticelli in 1486 as commissioned by the Medici family. It depicts the goddess of love, Venus, emerging from the ocean as a full-grown woman. There are a lot of interpretations of the painting, but it’s generally thought to be a depiction of the birth of love and spiritual beauty as a driving force of life. Read more about it here.
We decided to do an adaptation of Birth of Venus (shockingly, we don’t do nudity here on Lars). But for those of you who like to do artistic sexy Halloween, I suppose this is your chance. We went with a bodysuit–you’re welcome.
Make-up by Rubie Huber
Crafting and modeling by Hillary Gallup
Art directed by Brittany Jepsen
Birth of Venus Halloween costume

Birth of Venus costume tutorial


To make the skirt:

  • Wrap the decorative net around the waist and secure it with wire or safety pins
  • Remove from body and place paper under netting
  • Use hot glue to apply the shells onto the netting


For the wig:

Once you get your wig (we got ours from here), you will need to trim it to your desired length and fullness (as this one is REALLY long and unshapen). Just get out your handy scissors and go to town!



If you don’t feel comfortable going with bare legs, you can try some nude leggings.

Birth of Venus costume: makeup tutorial by Rubie Huber

Venus! The epitome of natural beauty! I wanted her (and your!) own natural beauty to shine out, so go for minimal foundation. Instead, spread a BB cream or tinted moisturizer across your whole face for a healthy glow. Use just small bits of concealer under the eyes, around the nose, and on any blemishes.

Define those eyebrows subtly with the ELF eyebrow kit (get it here). I love ELF! So cheap and easy.

To get a golden look, I used the same shimmery bronzer for both cheeks and eyes. In fact, bronzer as eyeshadow is one of my favorite things. Yay for multi-use! Go for an all-over bronze shimmer on the eyelid and the cheekbones. Sweep it back into the hairline. Spread a thin layer everywhere for an all-over glow. Use your finger or a smaller brush to swipe across the brows and down the bridge of the nose.

Find a peachy nude lipliner– I like Revlon colorstay in Rose (get it here)– to lightly fill in the lips. I like to line, then smudge inward so you get just a little color, and add on a shiny clear chapstick for the fresh natural lips.


You can view the full tortured artist party here! Looking for more Halloween costume inspiration? Look no further than our longest list of Halloween costume ideas yet!

image of painting from here.



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