Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2015

Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015

I awoke to a slew of texts with a screen capture from Chanel Couture’s 2015 spring show. I love being known for oversized flowers–there’s nothing more in this world I’d rather be associated with. My groggy eyes exploded when they came in contact with the beauty of the show. Every single detail was perfection. Which leads me to my usual slew of logistical questions: Who created this? How long did this take? How much money did it take to make this? In the words of my friend Mary, “Money makes the flowers bloom.”

This is what I’m gathering so far according to Vogue: Karl Lagerfeld dreamed up the concept about 6 months ago–a cross between Matisse’s paper cut outs and 3D Chinese paper lanterns. And, as only Karl Lagerfeld can do, he assembled a team of engineers to create a mechanical forest of blossoming blooms as the models walk by. “There are 300 machines here under our feet, one to make each flower work,” says Lagerfeld. Mind blown. Then the trick was to create a look on the runway that mimicked the theme with embroidery and fabric. So interesting to hear his process, non?

Kendall Jenner Chanel Couture spring 2015

Chanel’s instagram announces a save the date in the form of a simple outline of the Grand Palais. A bit cryptic when you see the magic they’ve created inside.

Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015 Grand Palais


Then, each guest arrives to this, where you can make out the outlines of the cut landscape in the artificial greenhouse.

Chanel couture spring 2015 botanical Grand Palais

Then the gardener comes out with his quilted Chanel watering can waters the soon to be garden and poof the flowers bloom!  (Check out the video here).

Chanel couture 2015 gardener

And the models emerge as the gorgeous floral blossoms they are.

botanical garden Chanel couture spring 2015

and because I hear she’s hot right now, Kendall Jenner was one of the runway models. So there’s that. Also, Karl Lagerfeld says that midriff is the new cleavage. So, there’s also that.

paper flowers Chanel couture Kendall Jenner

Chanel Spring 2015Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015

The colors! The white! It’s just the right amount of color interspersed with the white.

Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015

And, of course, the PINK and YELLOW throughout!

Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015

Lastly, the floral-clad bride at the end with accompany men-of-honor and gorgeous tropical bouquets, who somehow made gerbera daisies look good!

Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2015

Now, let’s look at the details! Apparently, it’s all about the floral beanies starting…right…now…



Edit: I love seeing a behind the scenes look. Take a look at how the clothing was intricately made.

My heart stays content knowing that florals are going nowhere. Thank you Karl Lagerfeld for your relentless dreaming and scheming. And it all worked! All of a sudden I want to own Chanel.

Edit: Here’s a link to watch the full show here in addition to the short edit above. And a fitting right before the show. And an interview with Karl Lagerfeld here about the show.

Images from Vogue, Grazia, Telegraph,,, WWD, Suzy Menkes, and from #chanelhautecouture on Instagram and Twitter




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