Happy Rainbow Month!

We have officially nicknamed March Rainbow Month! While everyone is looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we are over here making our own, thank you very much. Below you will find out favorite rainbow items out now, to make every corner of your life more colorful. Brighten your rainy days with a fun new tote bag, go bold or go home with rainbow print pants, or jump on the this trend happening right now in home decor! What is so fun about rainbows is there is a way to do them right for every age group, style, and room. A bright and whimsical rainbow has a place in every kid’s room, while a muted rainbow can make your grown-up home office instantly more relaxing. We have found a rainbow for your kitchen, closet, walls, living room, bathroom, parties, feet, annnnnd the list goes on and on! Explore the links below to see all the options!

And what would Rainbow Month be without a major throwback to some of our favorite rainbow themed projects we have ever done?! Walk down memory lane (or should we say “rainbow road”) with us and find the colorful project you want to tackle this month!

Make life colorful: Rainbows for all!

Click on any photo below!

If you’re looking for rainbow items for your baby & kids, click here! Or here! And if you are looking for rainbow fashion ideas, click here! Our past rainbow roundups are packed full of even more color if you want more inspiration! This is a trend we have always loved, but it definitely seems to be at it’s peak right now. Especially in home decor, we are seeing rainbows adorning rugs, wall hangings, planters, and more.

Rainbow Projects

Some of our top rainbow projects from Lars days past. Add a rainbow to your woven beach bag to level-up an already amazing trend! Or even go all out and paint your own rainbow headboard! You can do all these and more with our tutorials below:


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