30 Best Rainbow Products for Baby and Kids

Rainbow Products for Baby

My love of color has certainly carried over to baby items since having Jasper! In fact, it’s probably increased exponentially because of the sheer amount of adorable rainbow items out there! Honestly, I was a little apprehensive about baby clothing and items in general when I got pregnant. However, I’ve been so pleasantly surprised with the amazing quality and design of so many companies out there that cater to infants! There is SO MUCH good stuff! I’ve rounded up the 30 best rainbow products for baby and kids to share with you! These are my current favorites, some I have and some are on my wish list. Let me know what you’re liking and if you have any others to add to the list!

Check out all 30 Rainbow Baby and Kid Items!

Rainbow Products for Baby

30 Best Rainbow Products for Baby and Kids

  1. Rainbow Duvet Cover
  2. Minimalist Growth Chart
  3. Rainbow Peak Blanket
  4. Baby Beads
  5. Rainbow Swaddle
  6. Unicorn Land Swaddle
  7. Pantone Box of Color
  8. Rainbow Suitcases
  9. Playable Art Cube
  10. Rainbow Stripe Teepee
  11. Rainbow Tassel Garland
  12. Hanky Bib
  13. Rainbow Rattle 
  14. Rainbow Color-blocked Bonnet
  15. Star and Rainbow Hair Clips
  16. Neon Rainbow Patch
  17. Tassel Basket
  18. Organic Rainbow Plaid Pillowcase
  19. Giant Multicolored Train
  20. Zip-up Rainbow Sleeper
  21. Rainbow Pouch
  22. Rainbow Pompom Garland
  23. Metro City Wooden Blocks
  24. Rainbow Sock Set
  25. Knit Rainbow Romper
  26. Cross-body Rainbow Bag
  27. Striped Bonnet
  28. Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler
  29. Print
  30. Rainbow Mat

Rainbow Products for Baby

Photography by Jane Merritt | Graphic by Normandie Luscher


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