DIY papier mâché cake stand

DIY Papier mache cake standDIY papier mache cake stand

Today is a big day for Lars. I’ve been wanting to cultivate a larger community of wonderfully whimsical makers for some time now and today I’m taking a big step.  I have some stellar new contributors who will be providing delicious recipes and clever crafts and we’re kicking it off with one of my favorite makers, Corrie Beth Hogg, whose work I’ve been a big fan of for some time. Corrie is a lifelong artist, crafter and avid DIYer (kindred spirits!). She is currently a designer for David Stark Design in Brooklyn, NY and will be popping into Lars with some of her fabulous creations. Take it away Corrie!

Although the technique dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, I have always thought of paper mâché as the thing I made masks with in 5th grade. It wasn’t until recently, when I kept putting off taking a ceramics class – yet I still wanted to make those kinds of things, that I realized just how ubiquitous the supplies are and how easily that translates into making decorative and functional objects for my home! (Who needs a kiln anyway?)

Paper mâché has historically been used for decorative fabricating: everything from crown molding, to gilded frames and jewelry boxes. It remains a worthwhile, and often overlooked technique perfect for ornamental objects beyond the elementary school mask or piñata, which is why I was inspired to make… paper mâché cake stands! These are so easy, you can (and should) make them too.

For this project, I didn’t buy a single thing! I love a craft that simply requires me to hold onto my recycling for a couple weeks, uses tools and supplies I already have, and does not call for special equipment.

Click below for full tutorial!



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