Sunrise Summit

Dinner under Golden Gate Bridge15_019_Sunrise Summit_059615_019_Sunrise Summit_0700 15_019_Sunrise Summit_0501

I did a little sneak peek of an event I attended in San Francisco last month called Sunrise Summit, which was put on by some folks of the Made to Matter program, and now the pics are in! The products making up this program are ones that Target specifically selects for social responsibility, fostering unique collaborations, and innovation and we got to know a bit more about them and experience the passion for their products and missions.

To see more about the weekend, click below. And enter to win a $250 gift card to Target on my Instagram today!

Photography by Thayer Gowdy

15_019_Sunrise Summit_0534Thanks to the amazing party planner, Katy Oursler (are you familiar with with Outstanding in the Field series? That’s her!), some fellow influencers and I were treated to a great weekend filled with delicious and scenic food experiences like eating under the Golden Gate Bride. Swoon!
15_019_Sunrise Summit_0803 15_019_Sunrise Summit_0974

And s’mores and fondue for a nighttime snack.
15_019_Sunrise Summit_0981 15_019_Sunrise Summit_1237

Bright and early the next morning we were up for a yoga session with the delightful Kristin McGee, who made yoga for this novice interesting and fun and doable. Sure, I was sore for over a week, but I felt great!15_019_Sunrise Summit_1296 15_019_Sunrise Summit_1468

I’m sure I was showing them some cat video or something.

That day we attended some workshops with each company. In one session CEO of Soma talked about product development, in another we got a health evaluation for some Olly vitamins, and in another we got a cooking lesson from Suja juice founder. Meaning, I COOKED for the first time in MONTHS! And learned ACTUAL recipes!!! It was a big day. And it was delicious and no one died from it! 15_019_Sunrise Summit_1681 15_019_Sunrise Summit_2015 15_019_Sunrise Summit_2035 15_019_Sunrise Summit_2329 15_019_Sunrise Summit_2665

THIS IS ME COOKING! Do you even recognize me??!?!?
15_019_Sunrise Summit_2816 15_019_Sunrise Summit_2880
15_019_Sunrise Summit_3514 15_019_Sunrise Summit_3561

Liz of Say Yes organized a styling workshop for some of the products. Not surprisingly, I gravitated towards all the yellows.
15_019_Sunrise Summit_4167 15_019_Sunrise Summit_4177 15_019_Sunrise Summit_4185 15_019_Sunrise Summit_4209
At the end of the weekend, they surprised us with a trip across the Golden Gate on a trolley.

bakery in San Francisco

After the event, Jordan took us to some of the pizza in pizza in San Francisco

We stayed at Cavallo Point, on the Sausalito side of the bridge. So beautiful.
Cavallo Lodge

colorful dishes from mudd australia

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rainbow dishes oh happy day

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset15_019_Sunrise Summit_0516Thank you to Soma Water, Olly Nutrition,  Suja Juice for a great weekend and for introducing me to passionate people caring about our world and health. 



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