Costumes from Jimmy Fallon

You can never have too much of Jimmy, am I right?! We had a ball brainstorming these costumes from The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and today we’re finishing up with the last of the them including some of my favorite skits, namely the time when Nicole Kidman revealed that she had had a crush on Jimmy. Have you seen it? It’s painfully awkward and hilarious. I’ve watched it MANY times and probably 5 more times since we started with this costume. Don’t worry, I included it below for those of you looking for a good laugh.  Other costumes include Hashtag the Dancing Panda, and a Thank You Note. I also included this week’s Roots costumes and the characters from the skit, EwJIMMY-FALLONNICOLE-KIDMAN-ON-JIMMY-FALLONJIMMY-FALLON-THANK-YOU-NOTES

On Tuesday we showed the ladies from the skit, “Ew”.

On Monday we showed the costumes from Jimmy’s band, the legendary Roots.

For the Thank You note (see his weekly skit here):

  1. dress in white (we used a top and leggings from Primary
  2. make a sandwich board out of cardboard
  3. paint or attach the words “thank you”


Hashtag the Panda is a recurring skit on the show and of course it’s much cuter with a kid!

For Hashtag the Panda:

We got this costume and made a hashtag out of cardboard and painted in red. Easy squeezy!HASHTAG-THE-PANDA-ON-JIMMY-FALLON HASHTAG-THE-PANDA

And, of course, my favorite of them all, Nicole and Jimmy. I have to show the clip:

Nicole Kidman:

  1. We used this red wig
  2. black turtleneck (we got ours from H&M)
  3. black sparkly skirt from here
  4. black tights
  5. black shoes (cute ones here!)
  6. oversized pearls from here (we got ours from H&M)
  7. Australian flag for kicks

See the rest of our costumes here! 

Photography by Lindsay Graviet  |  Assisting by Ashley Isenhour, Maggie Sutton