Holly garland

A Lars favorite from Christmas past

Christmas is approaching, and I’m revisiting a Lars favorite: the oversized holly and berry garland! It’s perfect for many different occasions and settings, and you all seemed to love it too!

Keep reading to see more pictures of the berry and ivy garland!


The analytics and photos have spoken and you, dear readers, have claimed this oversized holly and berry garland your favorite Lars holiday project of all time. To celebrate, I’m sharing some additional photos of the project as well as some reader photos of their own re-creations.
Oversized holly garland

The holiday garland

The story goes, every year when we come home for the holidays to visit my parents, we ladies—my sister and mom—like to get down and crafty. Though my mom might be the most creative person on the planet, she no longer finds it amusing to unbox all the Christmas gear year after year. However, if we make paper decorations, all we have to do is recycle it afterward!

This oversized paper holly and berry garland was a project we did a couple of years ago, and I love how it turned out. Any time you make something oversized, it fills the space more and creates more of an impact so you don’t have to worry about the finer details. A lot of readers who made them said they were perfect for their work or church party. Others turned them into a mantlepiece. holly-garland-4Oversized holly garlandOversized holly and berry garlandOversized holly and berry garlandOversized holly and berry garland

These garlands from @EmiGazkell show the diversity of the uses: for home or for an event. Thanks for sharing Emi!

Learn how to make the berry and holly paper garland here! 

Lars holiday crafts

We love to see all of your holiday projects! You can check out more holiday crafts in our archives! These DIY family photo heirloom ornaments and DIY fruit ornaments are great ways to deck out your tree. (We also have some beautiful ornaments and ornament printables in the Lars Christmas shop!). I couldn’t pass the holidays without creating paper flowers, so we have a couple of tutorials for adding some paper greenery to your holiday decor. This paper poinsettia tutorial and paper Christmas cactus are easy projects to add some plants to your decor! You can also check out the tutorial for these holiday nesting dolls, another Lars favorite! Tell us about all of your holiday crafts in the comments!

And if you make a project from Lars, don’t forget to tag it with #HolidaysWithLars 

Photos by Walker Boyes



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