Weaving workshop with Maryanne Moodie


I’m thrilled to announce another workshop at my studio. On Friday, May 13th we’re hosting the amazing Brooklyn-based, Australian-born weaver, Maryanne Moodie for not one but TWO classes here in Springville. See below for all the juicy details! 

I’m a huge fan of Maryanne’s work so I’m absolutely thrilled to host her for her Utah debut. Her use of color is dead on and her skills are top notch!

She’ll be teaching two classes. 1) a beginning weaving course from 9:30-12:30 and 2) a Weave The Rainbow course from 1:30-4:30 created just for Lars 🙂 UPDATE: We had to change the day of the class from Sunday the 15th to Friday the 13th. The times should be the same. Thanks!

You’ll be provided an ethically-sourced loom and yarn, sweet treats, and refreshments. The classes are kept small so you’ll want to hop on this quick!

beginning-weaving-workshop weave-the-rainbow-workshop-maryanne-moodieDLF_MaryanneMoodieWeaving_236DLF_MaryanneMoodieWeaving_358

Photos from @MaryanneMoodie , Julia Stotz, Paul Vincent. And please check out Maryanne’s lovely Pinterest board full of all of her gorgeous work! 



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