We’re all in this together

Love is all and love is everyone. – The Beatles

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People say “love is all we need”, but love is a vague term. We’ve all heard it. The Beatles single it. I believe it.

But we clearly don’t live it.

We may love our spouse, but we may not always treat that person kindly. We may love our neighbor, but we may curse as they cut us off the road. Or sadly, as the events of the week have shown, lives may be taken. What we need are skills to improve our capacity to love. Listening skills to hear one another and not anticipate our own answer. Patience, as all problems take time to be resolved and understood. Understanding, because we just can’t know of another person’s journey unless we try. Humility, because there is nothing stronger than realizing that sometimes we just don’t know the answers. Kindness, because we ALL deserve it. And so many more.

I realize this is a simple response to a massive problem that’s centuries in the making, but that’s all I’ve got right now.

Sign me up for whatever it takes to learn these skills and spread it around so that it sticks.

Illustrations by Kathryn Zaremba



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