15 holiday paper flower tutorials

Best holiday paper flower tutorials

Have you decorated your home for the holidays? For me it tends to be a bit of a process, adding bits and bobbles here and there until I reach a look that I love… Or the holiday season comes to a close and I’ve run out of time. Oops! Either way, I love making holiday decor that I can tailor to my tastes and customize to my home! With my particular affinity for paper flowers, we decided to scour the web to find the 15 best holiday paper flower tutorials! From crepe paper oranges to poinsettia gift toppers, we’ve collected quite a range!

Oversized Holly and Berry garland

  1. Oversized Holly and Berry Tutorial: We still adore our oversized holly and berry garland! It makes such a statement and is so easy to replicate. Bigger is better here! Find the tutorial here.

Metallic paper christmas wreath

2. Metallic Paper Christmas Wreath: We love the fullness of this paper wreath! You can access SVG and PDF files for all of the components so cutting is a breeze. Find the tutorial here. 

Paper Dahlia Wreath

3. Crepe Paper Dahlia Wreath: Such a bold and beautiful piece to hang on your door. In a rich red, this would be stunning! Tutorial here.

Crepe Paper Magnolia Bouquet

4. Crepe Paper Magnolia Bouquet: Using ultra-thin crepe paper on these blooms makes them look so delicate and lovely! The metallic leaves are perfect for the holidays. Find the tutorial here.

DIY crepe paper clementine

5. DIY Crepe Paper Clementine: Citrus is such a lovely component of the holiday season and these paper clementines will make a bright addition to your home. Find the tutorial here.

DIY Napkin Poinsettia

6. Cocktail Napkin Paper Poinsettia: How genius is this poinsettia gift topper made from a napkin! Cheap, easy, and perfect for the holidays! Find the tutorial here.

DIY Holiday Paper Amaryllis

7. Holiday Paper Amaryllis: Such an elegant addition to a holiday table scape. Placed in a pot with moss atop and tied with a bow, this would make a great gift for a friend. Tutorial here!

Crepe Paper Poinsettias

8. Crepe Paper Poinsettias: These poinsettias are so realistic and we are crazy about the shades of pink! They would look great tucked into a Christmas tree! Tutorial here.  

DIY Crepe paper poinsettia

9. Potted Crepe Paper Poinsettias: Nothing can replace the classic red poinsettia, and this one will last all season long! We love the clean white pot as well. Tutorial found here. 

Paper Floral Garland

10. Paper Floral Garland: Though originally not created for holiday decor, this lush garland would be beautiful with seasonal colored blooms! Find the tutorial here. 

Fa La La paper garland

11. Fa La La Paper Garland: We are swooning over this fun and whimsical garland! The music lyrics add such a fun element and the styling is perfection! Inspiration here.

Green Leaf Paper Garland

12. Green Leaf Paper Garland: This garland is super simple and the delicate look of the leaves makes it perfect for creating swoops and swags over windows or mantles! Tutorial here. 

Crepe Paper Magnolias

13. Crepe Paper Magnolias: We love the peaceful quality of the magnolia and crepe paper is the perfect material to use to create these soft blossoms. Find the tutorial here. 

Paper Oak Leaf Garland

14. Paper Oak Leaf Garland: The shape of these leaves is so unique and here they even used printed book paper for some of them! Tutorial here.

Festive flower topper and ornament

15. Festive Flower Topper: The geometric look of these flowers makes them pass for snowflakes as well! These modern blooms would be great for gift toppers or ornaments. Find tutorial here.

See more of my favorite paper flower tutorials here and here



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