Donut Flower Bouquet

Donut Flower Bouquet
Did you know that National Donut Day is June 2nd? There is absolutely no other way to celebrate Donut Day than by eating donuts. Let’s hold each other accountable, shall we? Not that we really need an excuse to eat donuts, but it does ease my conscience a bit I get to blame a national holiday for the calories.

To celebrate Donut Day properly, you need something special. These are not just your typical trendy bakery donuts. I’m looking at you maple bacon donut. No, Sir, not for National Donut Day. This is a Donut Flower Bouquet!

Donut Flower Bouquet

Move over cake pops, we’ve transformed donuts into a bouquet that will give fresh flowers a fun for their money—two of our favorite things combined into one. Take store-bought mini donuts, slide on our paper flower template, stick on a skewer and you’re set. We’re confident semi-homemade queen, Sandra Lee, would be proud. These make great party favors, handouts, or a sweet gift. Gift them individually or fill a bakery box with an entire bouquet. Happy National Donut Day!

Continue to download the petal and leaf templates

Donut Flower Bouquet Donut Flower Bouquet Donut Flower Bouquet

Donut Flower Bouquet


Donut Flower Bouquet


  1. If desired, decorate your mini donuts with colored frosting, sprinkles, and gold leaf. We warmed up the frosting in the microwave to easily dip the donuts and cover the tops.
  2. Cut out the petal and leaf templates out of cardstock. Score the leaves down the middle.
  3. Embellish the petals and leaves with gold leaf and painted designs.
  4. Paint wooden skewers in your desired colors. Let dry.
  5. Stick each skewer into a donut so that it goes through the entire donut without poking through the top.
  6. Place a flower template over the donut and secure the skewer to the back of the template with tacky glue.
  7. Glue leaves onto the skewer to complete the flower.

Donut Flower Bouquet

Photography by Anna Killian


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