Lars’ Favorite Journals

Lars' Favorite journals

Lars’ Favorite Journals and Notebooks

Are you a diligent journal writer? I was diligent up until I started this blog and it kind of took over any analog motivations. These days I’m mostly surrounded by a sea of sticky notes. It’s always handy to have a notebook on hand to jot down lists and little notes, and it’s even easier when you’ve got a cute journal to fill. So here are Lar’s favorite journals to fill with all your hopes, dreams, grocery lists, and doodles!

  1. Peachy Ombre
  2. Blue Ombre
  3. Georgia Field Notes
  4. Blue Geometric 
  5. Garden Rose
  6. Mega Blooms
  7. Shanghai Gardens
  8. Paint Palette
  9. Paint strokes 
  10. Sketchbook
  11. Gold Tree
  12. Pastel Floral
  13. Leather Tassel 
  14. Blueberry 
  15. Paper Dolls
  16. Lavender Leather


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