A case of the wi-fi blues and how I solved it!

Faster internet with Eero

As I’ve mentioned many many times before, we live below some of the kindest people in the world. They’re so kind that we threaten never to move out. Ha! Though we love living here, we do have a case of the slow wi-fi blues. We get our Internet from our sweet landlords upstairs and sadly it’s a constant battle of texting “our Internet is out” and “can you restart the router?” to which they happily do, but when you rely on the Internet for your job, the complaining becomes a bit much for both of us, though I’m sure they would never ever admit it.

I was lucky enough to try out the eero, a new system to strengthen your wi-fi and our Internet is now 400% faster!!!! Yes, you read that right, 400%!  See this little white box below? That’s the magic maker. Here’s how it works.
Faster internet with Eero

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Here’s me, working so casually from home 😉 Faster internet with EeroFaster internet with Eero

Finally, reliable wi-fi!

So basically, the eero is a router that plugs into your modem. It ensures you have reliable coverage in every room of your home, allowing the WiFi to fade into the background so you can get back to your life and the things you love, which, after hearing my wi-fi blues, you can imagine I’m all about. Not once have we had to ask to mess around with anything since. It’s been a DREAM! I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot with my electronics lately, but truly, I just feel so lucky to find things that help life run more smoothly. Without complaining.


We had a slight glitch with our installation because unlike most routers and modems, ours is a two-in-one system. We’re on a special Internet package with a company who’s beta testing for nationwide distribution so it was a new type of system that didn’t initially work with our eero, but Paul gave one call to their customer service and they were a DREAM! The guy’s name was Derrius and he was so helpful and efficient and patient and quickly set us on our way. If you have a problem for any reason (and I doubt you will because installation is a breeze usually) then hope that you can Derrius.

Other perks

After that we downloaded the app, which means we can control the Beacons, or independent “portals” I’ll call them that help distribute the wi-fi around the house, wherever you need it. We have low coverage in our bedrooms so we put one Beacon there as well as in our hallway. The Beacons plug into a normal electrical socket so they’re super easy AND you can also set them to act as night lights if desired.
Faster internet with Eero

As you can tell, the design is so seamless you may not even notice it’s in the picture. But yes, it’s the white box in the brass tray in this vignette. It’s beautiful so you don’t even mind displaying it. Score! Gone are the days of unsightly boxes with a gazillion cords piling up dust.

eero is giving free overnight shipping with the purchase of their system for Lars readers for a limited time. Use code LARS at checkout!

This post is sponsored by eero. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that allow us to create original and unique content. 

Photos by Anna Killian


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