August Book Club Art: Grace

August Book Club Art Are we midway through August already?? How are you liking Grace’s Coddington’s memoir? It’s been fascinating to get a look at the fashion industry! Think of all those renowned and esteemed people Grace Coddington has worked with. Truly amazing! This month’s book art illustrator is the talented Josefina Schargorodsky! We love her interpretation of Grace and the inspiring words she captures. (Also, stay tuned for an interview with Josefina! We can’t wait to show you more!) Here are a few questions to think about, and then some further reading suggestions. Enjoy the rest of your summer!August Book Club ArtMake sure to join the discussion and print off the book art!

August Book Club Art August Book Club Art

August Book Club Art

Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington Book Club discussion questions

1. Grace mentioned that fashion has changed so much over the decades. It used to be only about the clothes, but now celebrities, politics, and current events are involved. Do you agree? Which do you enjoy more? Do you love fashion in itself, or love that outfit because maybe your favorite actress or actor is modeling it??
2. The fashion of the 1930s and 1940s were Grace’s favorite eras. Some of the 1950s too, which she felt were “romantic”, but she hated the “exaggerated shoulders of the eighties; they were hideous. Power dressing was hideous too.” Haha! What was YOUR favorite fashion era?? Do tell!
3. Do you consider fashion photography art? Grace doesn’t think so. She says, “I certainly don’t think fashion photography is art, because if it is art, it’s probably not doing its job…In fashion photography, rule number one Is to make the picture beautiful and lyrical or provocative and intellectual – but you still have to see the dress. Of course, I like to push the boundaries; I think that’s the most interesting element much of the time, when you walk the line.” Grace’s shoots with Steven Klein, David Sims, and Craig McDean, for example, definitely walk the line! (Did you see those in the book?) What do you think? Is fashion photography art?
4. Grace and Anna Wintour had a kind of creative chemistry that propelled them to (and kept them at) the cutting edge of the fashion industry at Vogue. How were they similar or dissimilar, and how did these women use their differences to create something amazing?August Book Club Art

August Book Club Art

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August Book Club Art

If you liked Grace: A Memoir, you might like:

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Vogue: The Covers by Dodie Kazanjian and Hamish Bowles

Photography by Anna KillianIllustration by Josefina Schargo  |  Lars Book Club is led by Julie Richardson


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