March Book Club Art

March Book Club Art

We’re halfway through March, readers! How are you liking Broad Strokes?? Are you impressed by these incredible women as much as I am? They accomplished some incredible feats. We’ve got some discussion questions for you below, as well as some fabulous printable artwork for you, illustrated this month by Kate Zaremba (you may remember the New Year’s Eve crowns we partnered on years ago!), who runs a design company with clever patterns for the home.

When I was thinking of illustrators to pair for this book I immediately thought of Kathryn. We first met in NYC when she worked for Jonathan Adler and I was interning there and then we reconnected at graduate school in DC. She’s an uber creative go-getter who shines bright light wherever she goes. Her whimsical work is clever and enchanting and makes you think. Lately, her work has been focus on themes of women empowerment so you can imagine why I thought of her! Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with her next week, in which I hope she reveals that she played Michelle Tanner’s best friend on Full House or payed Annie on Broadway back in the day 😉 And if not, now you know! Ha! You’re welcome, Kathryn!

March Book Club Art

Discussion Questions

1. What do you think all of these women have in common? Their love for their art or craft, obviously, but how did they manage to make a place for themselves in a “man’s career”, in a “man’s world”?

2.  You might know people (as do I) that roll their eyes atthe subject of art history, complaining that it was the most booooooring class they took in college. In such a moment, Quinn told someone, “Maybe you had the wrong teacher.” What do you think? Author Bridget Quinn writes in a way that makes art and art history exciting! She’s witty, whip-smart, and funny. How do you think those “stuffy” art history textbooks might benefit from this? 😉

3.  Before reading this, had you heard of these women before? (I can tell you that even as an art history major, I only recognized about HALF of them!) Which of the fifteen women artists impressed you most and why? They all most certainly “Dare(d) to be great,” as Bridget Quinn says.

4.  Quinn story started as an art student, finding sixteen women artists in her textbook. She shares fifteen in this book, leaving ONE for us to decide…will that be YOU? Someone you know? “Insert yourself here,” she says, “…and run with it. Great lives and great works are endless: we just have to look for them. And, of course, create them.” How will YOU do that?March Book Club Art

March Book Club Art

Download the print and bookmark HERE!

March Book Club Art

Other reads

If you loved Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History (In That Order), you might like:

March Book Club ArtMarch Book Club Art

Photography by Jane Merritt | Illustration by Kate Zaremba 


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