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DIY Dyed Handkerchiefs

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  • Nahhh says

    How do you die one red and yellow or red and gold? I’m tying to figure this out I think you start with a white bandana right? I have a few bandanas but hey are black red and gold I like them but idk how to do them

  • Ania says

    I also tried, took forever for the bandanas to go lighter, I increased the bleach ratio to 1:1 with water….didn’t help much. I can’t figure out how to make them in those light pastel colors. I’m afraid to leave them in the solution too long….wouldn’t that weaken the fabric?

  • Sean says

    I just literally dumped straight bleach on a piece of black and a piece of grey bandana as a test and I’m having the same issue- the color is literally not budging! Do I HAVE to use water? If anything I’m looking to actually destroy the fabric a bit so that’s why I didn’t dilute it in the first place but is water necessary to actually make it work or something? Otherwise I feel like it should be working 10x harder and practically eating away at the fabric at this point. The bleach I’m using (Clorox) says it’s concentrated, does that make a difference? Is my bleach broken? Lol

  • Pam says

    I bought 50 bandanas in assorted colors bleach for a craft show. None of them lighten up in this solution! They are 100% cotton so that’s not it.
    I have had the latest ones in a 50/50 solution now for over an hour. No lightening at all! So frustrated!