3 Ways to Use Printable Halloween Cards

You know how with almost every holiday we give cards? Christmas cards, Valentines, a note of gratitude for Thanksgiving, Mother’s and Father’s Day of course–cards are expected for all these occasions and more! But somehow Halloween got the shaft when it came to the card gig. Instead, we give candy and treats! Now I’m not complaining, who complains about treats? However, I think that if we paired our goodies with a sweet Printable Halloween card, everyone would be a bit happier! Personal opinion.

These printable Halloween cards are the perfect thing for teachers, friends, co-workers, neighbors and anyone who needs a little sentimental spook! Choose from a witch, a ghost, or a mystical palm reading and read below for 3 spook-tacular ideas of how to use them.

Printable Halloween Cards

Printable Halloween Cards

Treat Bag

We printed ours out and added to…a bag of candy of course!  How perfect would these be for classmate/friend gifts. No more scrambling the night before the class Halloween party, just print and tape.
Printable Halloween Cards


Pick your favorite print, I think mine is the mystical hand. Find your local large format print shop and print off the design BIG. Voila! You now have a splendidly spooky poster to decorate for the season.

Printable Halloween Cards


Like I said, Halloween might not be the most sentimental holiday, but it’s still a holiday nonetheless and I believe holidays are meant to be shared with family and friends.  If you have grandparents or cousins that live far away, print off these cards and use the back to write a little postcard.


Printable Halloween Cards

Printable Halloween Cards

We hope these ideas have given you some fun things to do with your printable cards. As always, make sure to tag us @houselarsbuilt so we can see how you used your cards!

Purchase the Printable Halloween Cards Here!

Photography by Clara Jones | Illustration by Michelle Christensen 



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