20 Calendars to Kick off 2018

2018 calendar round upOne of my favorite things about the new year is the need to buy a new calendar! I like to have a wall calendar above my desk at home and a desk calendar for work. Not only does this help me keep track of the day today, but it is also a perfect way to add a little pop of art into your life. All the more reason to make sure you buy a lovely calendar! We’ve scavenged the internet to find a handful of beautiful calendars to kick off 2018, all Lars approved. It’s the perfect thing to start the new year off on the right foot. Did we mention they make great gifts? Everyone needs a calendar!

Take a peek at the full list below! 

Our 201 Favorite Calendars for 2018

  1. The World of John Derian 2018 Calendar 

2. Cross-Country Road trip Calendar, Going Places! by Libby Vander Ploeg
2018 calendar round up

3. Best Year Ever from Ban.do

4. Ladies of Literature 2018 Calendar 

5. Petite Places by Cat Seto

6. Floral Blooms 

7. Wildflower calendar from Terrain 

8. Yucatan 2018 Calendar 

9. 2018 Verrier Calendar 

10. Color Block 2018 Calendar 

11. Paint chip Calendar from Paper Source 

12. Fiercely Female 2018 Calendar 

13. Woodland calendar 

14. Herb Garden Calendar from Rifle Paper Co

15. Midnight Menagerie from Rifle Paper Co

16. Appointment calendar from Rifle Paper Co

17. Monthly Calendar and journal from Kate Spade

18. Bon Voyage from Rifle Paper Co 

19. Maps of the World 2018 calendar from Rifle Paper Co 

20. John Derian Engagement Calendar 


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