December Book Club Art

December Book Club Art

It’s mid-December, readers! Can you believe it? What do you think of The Crossroads of Should and Must? Did you read it in one sitting like me? 🙂 Has this been the last (or first) push in the right direction for you to accomplish a life-long dream? We hope so! Here are some questions to think on as you sip your hot chocolate or eggnog over the holidays, and check out this month’s printable quote and bookmark by Marisol Ortega!

The Crossroads of Should and Must discussion questions

  1. “Shoulds” are a part of our lives from the very beginning as we grow, learn, and become part of society. But then we learn enough to establish our own views and opinions, and can shed some of those Shoulds to find our “Must”. What often holds us back from letting go of certain Shoulds? Are all Shoulds a “prison”, per se? We do keep some, but how do you decide which ones?
  2. “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain // The reason you’re here is your Must! What makes your heart beat faster? What do you do in your spare time? How have YOU found YOUR Must to share with the world?
  3. We get to choose Should or Must every day, and author Elle Luna states, “If you choose Must, your actions affect everyone and everything around you.” You can create change. How have you seen this in action? Have you been inspired by others’ Musts?
  4. Last but certainly NOT least, have you taken action because you read this book? Has it inspired you to choose a path or road you were previously afraid to take? Please feel free to share your experience! Even getting one little step closer to your Must is a big deal.

Book Club Art Downloads available HERE

December Book Club Art

Additional Reading:

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December Book Club Art

Photography by Clara Sumsion Jones | Illustration by Marisol Ortega 


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