Printable Olympic Olive Branch Crown


Printable Olympic Olive Branch Crown

You’ve probably gathered that I’m not too into sports. However, you probably didn’t know that I played tennis in high school! Yep, I can swing a racket with the best of them! Playing sports aside, when it comes to spectacles at the caliber of the Olympics, I’m all in! The opening ceremonies are always incredible with all the fireworks, dancing, and amazing displays. So this year I want to invite a bunch of friends over to watch the show! If you want to go big, check out our Olympic Paper Chain Party!

Printable Olympic Olive Branch Crown

But I’m very into crowns. In ancient Greece, crowns made of wild olive tree branches were awarded to the victors of the Olympics. In Rome, they were symbols of martial victory. This Printable Olympic Olive Branch Crown is an easy way to tap into the spirit of the Olympics. Plus, everyone’s a winner!

Get the printable after the jump!

Printable Olympic Olive Branch Crown

Printable Olympic Olive Branch Crown

Download the Printable Olympic Olive Branch Crown HERE!

  1. Cut out the 2 halves of the crown
  2. Glue the ends together with hot glue
  3. Turn on the show and channel your inner Olympian!

Printable Olympic Olive Branch Crown

Photography by Jane Merritt | Illustration by Ashley Isenhour


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