How to Make a Spring Floral Arrangement

Spring Floral Arrangement

It’s no secret that the Lars Girl love flowers! Which is why we’re thrilled to introduce you this gorgeous new book by Kiana Underwood, “Color Me Floral: Stunning Monochromatic Arrangements for Every Season.” This book gives you the inside scoop on creating showstopping arrangements in an easy, concise manner. Kiana is also the mastermind behind one of our favorite floral design studios, Tulipina. An endless source of inspiration! The book is organized by season and by color, so you’ll be able to create lush bouquets all year long! Since Spring is just around the corner, we’re including a step-by-step tutorial for the Pink Spring arrangement from “Color Me Floral.” Isn’t it stunning? Make this arrangement and make sure to check out the entire book of beautiful blooms!

Spring Floral Arrangement

Spring Floral ArrangementHow to make a PINK Spring Floral Arrangement


  • 3-inch floral pin frog
  • Floral Scissors/shears
  • Floral Putty


  • Double Tulip
  • Garden Rose ‘Juliet’
  • Ranunculus
  • Garden Rose ‘Romantic Antike’
  • Spray garden rose (multiple small blooms per stem)
  • Peony ‘Coral Charm’
  • Dogwood
  • Fringe bush foliage
  • Cordyline Plant
  • Poppy *not pictured below


Spring Floral Arrangement


  1. Using floral putty, secure the floral pin frog in the bottom of the vase. Always make sure that the vessel is completely dry to ensure proper adhesion. Begin with the fringe–this is what creates a base and structure for your arrangement. Make sure that the branches are secure in between the frog pins while still allowing them to rest naturally inside the vessel. It is always beautiful to let flowers and foliage spill over the vessel.
  2. Add the dogwood, ensuring that is, too, is secured inside the frog vessel. Spring Floral Arrangement
  3. Add the tulips, allowing them to arc over the sidesSpring Floral Arrangement
  4. Then add the spray garden roses throughout the arrangementSpring Floral Arrangement
  5. Add the peonies, using some of the more fully opened blooms at different heights in the center to create layers and add dimension. *Finish here for a beautiful, but simpler design. Spring Floral Arrangement
  6. Add the Romantic Antike and Juliet garden rosesSpring Floral Arrangement
  7. Tuck a few ranunculus in between the other bloomsSpring Floral Arrangement
  8. For a final touch, add a few cordyline leaves and poppies. Spring Floral Arrangement

Spring Floral Arrangement

Big thanks so Kiana Underwood for creating such a lovely book! Buy the book HERE!



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