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Tumbling Block Bias Tape Weaving

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  • Julie says

    Thank you for this really beautiful pattern project and for the step by step templates! I’d love to try it using strips of different coloured paper.

  • kim says

    I highly suggest you check out Terial Magic for aanny and all fabric projects. It makes fabric paper-like and fray-free so you can print on it, put it in your criq cutting machine, print on it!, make fabric origami – seriously endless things you can do with it. Check it out, its a game changer for sure!!

  • Tara Henderson says

    I am working on this project right now and so excited for the final result. Step 5 you say “Under 2 strips, over 1 strip” but the picture reflects Over 2 strips, under 1. I am going to go with the image. Hopefully that is correct. Thanks for the fun project!