DIY Sticky Note Mural


DIY Sticky Note MuralWe played around with sticky notes years ago (6 years ago to be exact!), but we revisited the medium in a new and more refined way. The idea of cheap, recyclable, yet impactful decor really resonates with us (remember our paper chain wall hanging!). I’m constantly wanting to change things up with my home decor, and this makes it easy! This sticky note art was inspired by traditional quilt patterns. There are so many quilt pattern variations from classic to modern. A basic geometric pattern in a fun palette is the perfect use for sticky notes! Also, who knew that sticky notes come in the most beautiful colors? This project is a great way to fill an empty wall with plenty of color and pattern without spending a ton a money. In fact, this project will cost you less than $5!

Time to whip out Grandma’s quilts for a little inspiration!

DIY Sticky Note Mural

Get the pattern for our Sticky Note Art so you can make your own!

DIY Sticky Note Mural

DIY Sticky Note Mural

Sticky Note Art

Shop the look: Couch from Burrow, Pink Ottoman from Target 

DIY Sticky Note Mural


  1. Using a ruler, draw a straight diagonal line across your sticky note stack. Remove the top 3 notes.
  2. Cut along the diagonal line of your 3 sticky notes to create 6 triangles. Set aside.
  3. Repeat this process for each sticky note color until you have enough triangles for your pattern.
  4. Clean and dry the surface to be covered to ensure that your sticky notes stick to the wall.
  5. Measure and tape off the area you want to fill with sticky notes beforehand so there are straight lines to use as guidelines.
  6. Using the graphic provided and starting from the bottom lefthand corner, stick your notes to the wall moving upwards, column by column.
  7. Some of the triangles will not have any sticky side, so use the double-sided tape to adhere to the wall. For a more permanent mural, you may want to consider a stronger tape.

DIY Sticky Note Mural

There are so many color options for sticky notes that you’re sure to find some that fit your color scheme!

DIY Sticky Note Mural

DIY Sticky Note Mural

Photography by Jane Merritt | Design by Rebecca Hansen


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