DIY Dala Horse

DIY Dala HorseIf you are any bit familiar with The House That Lars Built, or you’re good at reading in between the lines, we are a design company with a strong adoration for Scandinavian aesthetic. I went to design school in Copenhagen, married a Dane, and continued to live there until 2014. There is just something about Scandinavian design, culture, and lifestyle that I can’t quit. One item of Swedish culture I fell in love with are the Dala Horses!

The Dala Horse (or Dala Häst as it’s pronounced in Swedish) is a traditional icon of Sweden. It’s a carved and painted wooden horse, most commonly red, with intricate hand-painted details. They are utterly charming and come in a rainbow of colors. Because we’re such big fans, we decided it was high-time we created a DIY Dala Horse. After a little digging, we discovered you can order raw wooden Dala horses on Amazon Prime! This is such a fun way to customize a traditional emblem. We covered ours with loads of florals in pretty pastels. But these horses would be adorable in a million different renditions: color-blocked, Alexander Girard-inspired, whatever you dream up! We want to see your creations!

Learn where to purchase wooden horses to create your own DIY Dala Horse!

DIY Dala Horse

DIY Dala Horse

DIY Dala Horse

DIY Dala Horse


  • Raw wooden Dala horse (if these are sold out, try out this one)
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrushesDIY Dala horse before and after

DIY Dala Horse

DIY Dala Horse DIY Dala Horse


  1. Start by painting a base coat on your horse. Then paint details to your heart’s content! Feel free to use traditional Dala horse designs as your jumping off point, or copy ours directly!
  2. Then If you want your horse to have a glossy finish like traditional Dala Horses, spray with a clear gloss spray paint. Just make sure your horse is dry from your detail painting beforehand.
  3. Afterward, display your hand-painted horse for all to see!

DIY Dala Horse

DIY Dala Horse

Photography by Jane Merritt | Painted by Drew Toolson



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