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DIY Matisse Felt Board

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  • Sydney says

    Hi! I’m obsessed with this DIY and am trying to make one for my elementary art students. I already had a pastel pack of the kid made modern felt–they no longer sell the pack you had–but wanted brighter colors. I bought a pack of stiff felt from Arteza. Some is thin, some is thick–the surface on some is slick, some is a little fuzzy. I haven’t bought the large piece of felt yet, but the pieces I’ve cut–no matter which pieces–don’t seem to stick to other felt! Yikes. Do yours stick well regardless of size? Was the yard of felt a thicker softer felt than the stiff Kid Made Modern? Or did you use fleece? Any info is immensely appreciated! I’m determined to make this work and have already cut so many pieces :/. Thank you!

  • Penny says

    Do you happen to sell a precut pieces kit, for those of us older art teachers who’s hands are not up to the task of cutting the intricate shapes out of felt? Would love to hear back!