Rainbow Care Package

Rainbow Care package

We all have that friend that manages to say the right thing at the right time, gives the perfect gifts, and calls right when you need to chat. I want to be that person! So I’m taking some inspiration from my all time favorite childhood icon: Care Bears! You can probably guess that Cheer Bear is my favorite on account of our mutual love of rainbows. Cheer Bear is all about joy, optimism, and happiness, things we all could use a bit more of in our lives. So we’re teaming up with Care Bears to give away a care package chock-full of rainbow goodies, including Cheer Bear and our book Craft the Rainbow. So whether you need some cheering up or have a friend in mind, enter the giveaway for a chance to win!

Rainbow Care package

My sister Caitlin is pregnant with her first child and is due any day now. This hasn’t been the easiest pregnancy for her so I wanted to brighten her day a bit with loads of rainbows! This is the perfect thing to send a sibling who’s feeling a little blue, a daughter going off to college, or a friend going through a hard time. Everyone benefits from a little TLC, especially in the form of rainbows and Care Bears.

Rainbow Care package

Rainbow Care package

This happy box includes Cheer Bear, our book Craft the Rainbow, a straw crown kit from the book, a plethora of rainbow craft and art supplies and a few other goodies all pictured! This Care Bears Care Package is a sure fire way to lift spirits. If you’re like me, you can often get caught up in your own struggles, but looking beyond yourself is the quickest way to feel better!

Click here to enter to win the Care Bears Care Package!


Rainbow Care package

If you’re curious, this box is really quite amazing and full of so many awesome goodies! The Care Bears Care Package Includes:

Rainbow Care package

Rainbow Care package

The post is sponsored by Care Bears and I couldn’t be happier to work with them! All content and opinions are my own.

Photography by Jane Merritt


  1. I’m an 80s kid & I love the Care Bears!??? I used to watch the Care bear cartoons every Sat!!! I hope to win this great prize!?.


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