September 2018 Book Club Artwork

Hello Lars book club readers! Are you enjoying How Art Can Make You Happy? If anyone can change the way you think or feel about art, it’s Bridget Watson Payne. This book is short, sweet, and life-changing! We hope you can take her suggestions and advice to heart. Check out our discussion questions below – if you’ve been following along with us on Instagram @larsbookclub , you may have read or thought about these questions already! Share your thoughts with us! This month’s beautiful printables were illustrated by Julie Walker, a genius collage artist! Stay tuned for her illustrator feature in the next few days!

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1. Author Bridget Payne hits the nail (or three nails) on the head with the statement that art awakens us to the reality of 1) the world, 2) other people, and 3) yourself. Her whole premise of the book is that these things make us happy! Deeply, profoundly happy! Do you agree and why?

2. Payne included this quote (weren’t there SO many good ones??) by Brené Brown which says, “We cannot selectively numb emotions; when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.” Why is it important to awaken our emotions, whether painful or pleasant? How does art do that for us/you?

3. The second half of the book convincingly tells the reader that you can make art work for YOU, whatever way you’re comfortable. You don’t have to go see those huge block-buster shows, but if they’re important to you, you will make time. You don’t have to go anywhere but your own computer to see art – there are collections to peruse online! Try a new art form – you don’t need to be an expert! Learn some basic art history, if you want. How will this book change your interaction with art in your life?

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Photography by Jane Merritt



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