Picasso and Painting Mommy and Me Halloween Costume

Picasso and Painting

For years I’ve been dreaming about the day when I could create Mommy and Me costumes for Halloween. I mean, matching my child in costume? Yes, please! Jasper is 8 months now and I literally brainstorm the possibilities EVERY SINGLE DAY. So when Primary approached us about creating a costume with their children’s clothing, I knew it was the perfect opportunity. They have the best basics for babies and toddlers and with their color variety, the possibilities are endless. (remember our triplets costumes?!) Enter the Picasso and Painting Costume!

Picasso and Painting

Jasper has been blessed with many gifts, one of them being Pablo Picasso’s doppleganger. I’ve included a side by side photo comparison for your viewing pleasure. Is it the bald head? The nose? The big belly? Listen, having my son resemble a master, no matter the appearance, is enough to convince me that he may also be a genius. Primary just so happened to carry a navy and white striped onesie, so it was clearly meant to be. Jasper would be Picasso and I would be his most prized work of art! Ha! It came together really quickly and is super easy to DIY!

Take a look to see how we created the whole ensemble!

Picasso and Painting

Picasso and Painting

Picasso and Painting

Picasso and Painting Mommy and Me Costume

For my costume, the real showstopper was the face paint. I found a painting for inspiration and we went to town! I wore a brightly colored outfit and tied my hair into a lopsided top knot. The final touch was a cardboard picture frame, and you can find the template below!

Picasso and Painting

To create the frame:

  1. Print off the template and trace onto cardboard. Cut out with heavy duty scissors or a craft knife.
  2. Spray paint the frame and a long craft stick black.
  3. Once dry, hot glue the craft stick onto the backside of the frame, on whichever side will feel most comfortable to you.

Picasso and Painting

For Jasper’s costume, we paired the Primary stripe onesie with linen pants and a red beret. We gave him a giant paintbrush to hold and he was happy as could be with his new toy! I think he’s a natural artist 😉

Picasso and Painting

I can’t wait to see your interpretations of this mommy and me costume with your littles! Make sure to tag @houselarsbuilt in your creations!

Picasso and Painting

Picasso and Painting

This post was sponsored by Primary. I am a huge fan of their company and was thrilled to work with them. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that keep Lars thriving! 

Photography by Jane Merritt


  1. Where is your shirt from. I was able to find a blazer and pants but I can’t find a shirt that works!! This costume is my favourite!!


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