diy costume for kidsAs you are well aware by now, I love everything about costumes and I certainly don’t believe in wearing them just for Halloween either (exhibit A). But, social norms say that Halloween is the only appropriate time of the year to really go at it so we are going nuts this year. We teamed up with Ali Hynek who gave birth 6 months ago to the most beautiful and cuddle-worthy triplets of all time, Penelope, Ethan, and Alejandra (Sweet Pea as they are affectionately known on her Instagram feed). We spent two glorious days shooting these sweet peas and I couldn’t have been more in heaven (give me all the cuddles!!!!!). We’ve got three batches of costumes starting with this first one: quick and easy costumes for you baby. And check out 3 flower costumes for baby and 3 celebrity costumes ideas hereeasy diy costume for kidssuperheroes costumes for baby tripletscute costumes for kids
Each of these three costumes  is based off a basic infant onesie pajama and should less than an hour to make. We love the easy ones too!cute costume for baby 3 blind mice


You will need:

  • grey felt (two pieces each for each ear)
  • floral wire
  • pink, white, red acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • grey onsie (we got ours here)
  • 1/2″ wooden dowel 2′ long
  • glue gun
  • sunglasses (we used these ones)
  • grey fabric
  • stuffing

To make the ears:

  1. Cut two ears from this template
  2. Glue wire around the perimeter of one of the pieces of felt. Leave about 4″ of wire coming out of the bottom
  3. Glue the other piece of felt to cover the wire.
  4. Wrap the wire around a headband.
  5. Cover the headband by wrapping ribbon around it.

To make the walking sticks: 

  1. Paint the dowels white
  2. Paint the bottom 5″ red.

To make the tails:

    1. Cut a 2′ piece of fabric to this shape
    2. Sew the two sides together
    3. Stuff the tail
    4. Attach with a safety pindiy costume for kids