3 Flower Costumes for your Baby

3 peas in a pod halloween costumeAre you loving these costumes?! Ali’s triplets are too cute! Today we have three flower/plant related costumes for your little babies, like these three peas in a pod above. Check out the cuteness below! And check out the other two triplet costume posts here and here.

the bachelor halloween costumeflower heads halloween costumethe bachelor costume for halloweenThe bachelorette halloween costumethe rose costumeThe Bachelor


  • Black Suit Set, found here 
  • Black dress shoes, found here


  • A green layette gown, purchased here 
  • Red paper and green crepe paper
  • Paper rose template, a great tutorial here 
  • Green ribbon to attach rose to crown of head


  • Red sparkly fabric
  • Red satin Ribbon
  • Dress pattern

Trace dress pattern onto red fabric. Sew with 1/4″ seam allowances. Adjust size as needed for baby.the bachelor halloween costume

See the 3 Peas in a Pod and Flower heads below! 

3 peas in a pod halloween costumeThree Peas in a Pod

  • Three green layette gowns and knotted hats. We bought a set here 
  • Green yarn
  • Hot glue gun


  • We followed a tutorial for the pom-poms found here (ashleemarie.com/extra-large-yarn-pom-pom) and adhered them to the onsies with hot glue. We made three poms for each onesie.

3 peas in a pod halloween costume

See the flower heads costume below!


zinnia flower head costumesunflower head piecedaisy flower head costumeFlower Heads

  • Green Layette Gowns. Found here 
  • Cardboard rings, cut to the size of child’s face
  • Assorted crepe paper. We used orange, yellow, white, pink, and red from our favorite crepe paper source
  • Hot glue gun

Daffodil Flower

  • Use petal template here, and cut the amount of petals out of white crepe paper needed to surround the cardboard circle
  • Fold petals accordion style at the bottom to create dimension. Hot glue to cardboard ring.
  • Cut a 3” border of a orange paper and make small folds in it to create the inner circle of the flower. Hot glue to innermost edge of ring.

Zinnia Flower

  • Use petal templates here, and cut the amount needed out of pink crepe paper to surround the cardboard circle. The larger petals will sit along the outer edge, the smaller petals along the inner edge. Glue in place.
  • Stretch the petal edges slightly to give them dimension.
  • Cut a 3” border of red crepe paper and cut slits into it to create a fringe like look. Twist fringe edges. Glue to innermost edge of ring.


  • Use petal temple here, and cut the amount of petals out of yellow crepe paper needed to surround the cardboard ring.
  • Twist tips of petals and manipulate for a wildflower look.
  • Cut a 2” border of orange crepe paper and accordion fold to create inner border. Hot glue to innermost edge of cardboard ring.flower heads halloween costumeflower costumes for babies

Photography by Anna Killian  |  in collaboration with Ali Hynek of Nena and Co  |  Onesies provided by Primary and Kickee



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