One Room Challenge Week 3: Demo and Installation

We’re three weeks in and things are starting to come together.  Literally! This week we share everything you ever wanted to know about 1) Kitchen demo and CliqStudios cabinet installation, 2) Bertazzoni range and oven selection and tips for a seamless installation 3) GE refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave selection. There’s a lot here so make sure you bookmark for your next reno!

The key to a good install is a good canvas on which to build, and since we were changing the floor plan by knocking out a wall and making the window over the sink bigger, we had to expedite the demo process so that we were ready when the cabinets arrived.

TIPS on a good install:

  • Money savings: If you’re careful with your demo, you can salvage most (if not all!) of your old cabinets.  You can then repurpose them in storage rooms or sell them through your local classified listings. (Mary listed hers, and they sold and were picked up in one day. Score!)
  • Delivery expectations: Typically allow for 4 – 6 weeks from ordering to delivery.
  • Demolition: If you’re not changing the layout of your walls or your plumbing or gas, you can delay the demo of your cabinets until a few days prior to the delivery of your new cabinets.  If you can wait, your existing sink and appliances can remain functional as long as possible so you’re not living out of a fast food drive-thru.
  • Installation: Hire out cabinetry installation subcontractor or check out CliqStudios Kitchen Cabinet Installation Guide for video installation instruction.



We removed a built in pantry closet that was too shallow to be useful and we are replacing it with a CliqStudios pantry cabinet, so in our demo we prepped the space for drywall patching which must be completed before the new cabinet can be installed.

We unscrewed all the cabinets, reattached the doors, and then numbered them.  This made it easy to list them on a local classifieds site and even easier for the buyer to pick them up and install them.

Before new cabinets can be installed, any damage caused to the drywall during demo needs to be patched with tape and a few coats of mud.  You’ll need to account for a drying time in your timeline between coats of mud (1 day per coat unless you have quick dry mud).

When we pulled out the appliances we discovered two surprises: (1) water damage, and (2) the existing hardwood floor had been installed around (as opposed to under) the cabinets.  Cabinetry install is much smoother if you have an even surface on which to set them, so we had a hardwood flooring subcontractor patch the problem areas.

Allocate time for sanding, coating, and a few days of not being able to go into the house while everything dries, and you won’t be able to find the patches!  My contractor laid ram board on top of the newly finished floors to protect them while the remaining work is completed. The floor guys will come back for one final buff and coat when everything is done.


The CliqStudios cabinets arrived 5 weeks after we received our order confirmation. (Catch up on our whole CliqStudios design  process here.) The kitchen was empty and ready for staging, so installation could begin immediately.  After we laid all the pieces out and confirmed that everything had arrived safely, my subcontractor guy, also named “Guy,” went to town.


After taking initial measurements to identify the high spots in the floor and any wavy spots in the wall, he started hanging the uppers.  A career cabinet installer, he was impressed by the quality of the cabinets, the pristine condition in which they arrived, and the construction of the finish features.

Having never seen the cabinets or the design prior to his arrival, he asked Mary a number of clarification questions about trim piece placement and design.  Each time he asked, Mary consulted the Final Packet provided by CliqStudios with the schematic and rendering of the new design to confirm the answer.  Because Mary subscribes to the measure 5x order 1x formula, in every situation the schematic the CliqStudios team had prepared was spot on.

Guy will finish the cabinet install tomorrow and we can’t wait!


As you might remember from Last Week’s Post, Mary’s family is Italian.  As is genetically requisite, she (and they!) loves to cook, and she’s been hungry for a range and oven that provides heat control, baking flexibility, and maximum cooking space all in an appliance that is as elegant and efficient as those from the Bertazzoni Professional Series.

We couldn’t have designed a custom range that could be better suited for her (and every other serious yet stylish home chef) than the new Bertazzoni 30 inch Dual Fuel Range.

With a gas range and an electric self-clean oven, the drool worthy product features include the following:

  • A selection of hi-gloss color finishes pictured HERE inspired by and identical to the flawless ​paintwork​ found on powerful ​Italian luxury sport car​s.  Mary chose black. (And yes, we think you should definitely coordinate your range with your vehicle, so you should probably include said vehicle in your kitchen renovation too.)
  • High efficiency burners that boil water in under 6 minutes.
  • A 4.6 cubic foot oven cavity (the largest in its class).
  • Shelves with smooth telescopic glides and soft-close doors.
  • An elegant digital temperature gauge.
  • Iconic designer control knobs​ with beveled lines that add a ​contemporary​ undertone to the overall appearance.
  • World-class engineering and craftsmanship that is ingrained in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. (Yes, we should all plan a trip!)


The range is slated to arrive next week, and we can’t wait to see it up close and personal.  In anticipation of its grand entrance, we had to make sure the gas and electrical hookups were configured appropriately.


TIP: It’s good practice to have your contractor review all specification sheets for any appliances you might be installing upon ordering.  That way he or she can make any needed alterations to utility and space configurations before more permanent fixtures like cabinets and drywall are completed.

The Bertazzoni installation guide proved very helpful in alerting us to the fact that Mary’s gas and electrical outlets needed to be reversed prior to the arrival of the appliance.  Per the specifications, the gas needs to be on the left and the electrical outlet on the right.


With the electrical outlet on the right and the gas on the left, the configurations of Mary’s old range and oven needed to be reversed.


We opted for appliances with black finishes to offset the Cloud White of the CliqStudios cabinets and to complement the Bertazzoni 30 inch Dual Fuel Range and the gold tones of the hardware.

With only a 33 inch opening for the refrigerator, we had space constraints to consider, but GE came through with the following highly rated offerings:

Monochromatic and sleek, these GE appliances will provide an elevated and cohesive finish to the kitchen along with the performance of a well-designed, well-made, well-known brand.

It’s getting a little crazy at Mary’s house with contractors, boxes, and a bit ( a LOT!) of rain all mixed together and this 3 week deadline is looming. But it’s coming together. Check out the progress of the other designers in the channel at the following links. And tune in next week for more updates on the kitchen!

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