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Neutral vs. default colors

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  • Lesley says

    Loved this! We were so fortunate to move into a home where a designer was the most recent owner. She lovingly painted each room in what appears to be white, but each room is an ever-so-subtle shades of green, blue, or beige, depending on the light exposure and relative warmth/coolness of the light in the room. It’s so amazing! I typically prefer white white white on everything (I love how white reflects!), but she choose the colors so perfectly, they make me happier than white. And that’s saying something.

  • Amanda says

    Once you know the tones and tendencies of the light and shades of a room, I’d love to know how to merge that with the realities of neutral colors. For example, we have a few rooms with lots of windows facing the beautiful forest behind us – which means lots of greens reflecting in (and of course, more fiery tones in the autumn) much of the year. What does that mean I should look for in the neutrals I hope to use?

  • Hayley Barry says

    This was so insightful! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts, I’m super into color but this inspires me to also reevaluate some of the neutrals in my spaces. Thank you!