Furniture combos for my new living room

Earlier this week I revealed my new living room (pop on over if you missed it!), and I am still so thrilled with how it turned out. I find myself smiling from ear to ear when I walk into my house. It’s that good and life-altering. However, deciding on a design plan wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. From selecting colors, to picking a wallpaper, to choosing furniture, there were so many options to be weighed! If you remember my old living room, I had a beautiful emerald green sectional from Article that we loved. It was so well loved, especially now that Jasper has made his mark, that we needed something where I’d feel more comfortable letting him climb all over. Since we loved our green sofa so much, we decided to turn to Article again for round two! I whipped out my photoshop magic to show you the combinations I was toiling over.

Living Room Reveal

Furniture Combinations

Article offers original modern styles while maintaining comfort, not to mention the flat shipping fee of $49 for large items and $19 for small items. You can’t beat that! You also don’t need to be worried about a piece not working out in your space because they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Sometimes you just don’t know what will actually work in your space versus seeing it on the computer, so this is such a stress-reliever.Living Room Reveal

Before we only had the main couch in the living room and even though it had that extended chaise lounge on one end, it still wasn’t enough space to fit guests. In fact, I found it to get in the way of where we needed additional seating to go. To facilitate a better space for entertaining, I decided to go with multiple pieces to create a cozy atmosphere. The couch HAD to be comfortable, and the Sitka Sofa fit the bill. It’s a rather large sofa with wide arms, deep seats, and comfy cushions, so it’s super comfortable, sturdy, and feels more modern. The clean lines keep it looking sharp and not frumpy. The glacier blue color is relaxing and brightened the space and fit so well with the other colors I wanted to bring in. With our green sofa, I always had a tough time figuring out other colors to pair it with. 

To frame each side of the sofa I selected two Nord chairs in Yarrow Gold. The mid-century meets Danish design chair felt clean and like a nice contrast to the sofa. I love the combination of the wood frame with the lush velvet too, and the warm color is the perfect compliment to the blue sofaLiving Room Reveal

But initially, I had a tough time knowing what direction to go in because they have so many great colors in great styles. For example, it took me a while to go in the blue sofa/gold direction because I was trying to figure out which wallpaper to use. I knew I wanted a wallpaper because I love pattern and there are so many good ones nowadays. I also knew I wanted to use a Sandberg because I LOVE their wallpapers so much. They’re based in Sweden and create the most lovely florals and colors though I thought a stripe could also be fun. Loved this blue stripe. It’s called William. I got the sample in and it just wasn’t right for my vibe or space so I moved onto other combinations.

I thought a Rifle wallpaper would be so pretty. I was eyeing the pineapple in sorbet from Hygge and West because I thought it would go well with the colors they offer like the blue sofa and the gold chairs.

BUT THEN THERE’S PINK! I had been toying around with the idea of a pink sofa but they didn’t have one at the time when I got my green sofa a few years ago. Now they have the Matrix in blush and it’s beautiful. 

But! I didn’t want to do a velvet with the Little Guy. But the color is so pretty! How about a gold sofa instead? The Mirage Yarrow Gold sofa in gold is pretty with the pink chairs and wallpaper.

I thought the yellow pineapples might be too much so I wanted something a little softer so I tried out the Sandberg Simons Ang. It’s so pretty!

Ultimately, I didn’t want to do pink, as much as I love it, because I didn’t want to date it so fast. Pink is so NOW and who knows for how much longer it will be. I wanted to try something a bit different than what I normally go for, but something that’s also very me so I went with the Flora. It’s perfect. And even more perfect in person. 

It brightens up the whole space, which we need in our walkout apartment. The blue sofa highlights the primary scheme with the dash of blue and the gold digs deep into the yellow. I LOVE IT! I’m starting to add accents of red throughout the space through accessories so I can have even more primaries in my life.

Since I first talked about my green sofa a few years ago, I’ve had a lot of you write in asking about the quality. Yes, they provided the sofa and chairs for me for this project, but even then I’d recommend them. They capture a modern sofa silhouette without being too stark. For the price and ease, it’s a great option.Living Room Reveal

Lastly, I paired everything with a new rug from the collaboration between Claire Zinnecker and Lulu and Georgia and I love it. It’s perfect! Just the perfect shades of pinks and blues.

Ok! There it is! Let me know if you have any more questions. And out of curiosity, which combination would YOU have gone with? I always love to hear your thoughts.

Photos by Jane Merrit

Thank you to Article for providing the sofa and chairs and Lulu and Georgia for the rug


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