Mary’s New Leather Sofa

Some of you may recall a post I wrote a while back about My New Green Sofa. Well, this time around I wanted to talk about a little something called Mary’s New Leather Sofa, or, as we’ve come to call it, the big comfy cozy couch. Seriously, it’s great! I could nap on it for days (on one or two occasions, I might have even done just that). 

Article Leather Sofa

As many of you already know, Mary is my business partner. She dots the I’s and crosses the T’s, not to mention keeping our heads on straight and the Lars team on track. We love Mary, which is why we have been working tirelessly to return the favor and transform Mary’s new home into Mary’s dream home. Our big, comfy, cozy couch from Article was just what we needed to put the finishing touch on her living room.

My natural instinct when we were looking for a couch was to find one to reupholster, but I thought about my experience reupholstering an elegant old sofa, and remembered pretty quickly how slowly that process went. A project like that is simply not on the docket for us right now, especially since we want to finish Mary’s space, say, this year, and not two years from now. We would naturally spend hours upon hours searching for the “perfect” fabric that embodies all the wonderful that Mary’s couch deserves. So instead, we started the hunt for Mary’s dream couch, searching until she stumbled upon the couch.

Mary’s Sofa Requirements

Her requirements for the sofa selection were the following: 1) She didn’t want to be nervous about people sitting on it (ie: NOT WHITE!) 2) It had to be comfortable 3) It had to make a statement. So, she ended up choosing the Mello sectional in Taos Brown. Often, these types of sofas are paired as a sectional, hence the no right arm, but we loved the feel of this modern lounge look when left on its own. The great thing about this sectional is also the fact that it’s modular so there are tons of options and ways to reconfigure all the shapes it comes in to create an ideal seating scenario for your square footage.

The leather on this sofa is full-aniline, aka the best quality in leather, and will patina beautifully with use. Out of the box, there was already a ton of natural variation and perfect imperfections that I know will only get more beautiful and unique to this soft with age. For those concerned about the low back, these cushions are still so supportive and hit at a great place on your body when you’re lounging. I also liked that the low-profile silhouette allowed as much natural light to come through as possible from the doors behind it.

Why Article?

As if loving the couch wasn’t enough reason to follow through on the dream sofa, one of our biggest selling points (aside from comfort heaven) was the shipping, which is usually one of the most frustrating parts of purchasing furniture. There are shipping fees, hidden costs, and before you know it, the “inexpensive, but amazing couch” you found is no longer inexpensive, and way less amazing than you thought. Which is what makes Article our champion! They offer a flat rate cost of $49 for shipping, and free shipping on all orders over $999! You can learn more about the other delivery tiers Article offers (including assembly services) here.
The sofa arrived looking great, and Mary was absolutely smitten. She even told us that she took an inaugural three hour nap which, if you know Mary, is unheard of. The even better news? On the off chance your Article purchase arrives and you find it’s not quite meeting your needs, they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This is a game changer! For anyone looking to style a room, you can arrange and rearrange your furniture as you please, and if it’s not to your liking, you can return it within the first 30 days. Article will even pick it up for you with a full refund (minus pickup and delivery charges).


She paired the sofa with some throw pillows from Article. Boucle is having a major moment in fashion as of late so it’s no surprise this nubby fabric has also made its way into home decor. The Gabriola boucle pillow set was the perfect amount of cozy on the leather sofa. And then she added a modern floor lamp, the Seta, which fits in perfectly with the rest of the black and white modern feel of the whole space. You can see the rest of her house here, here, here, and here to get a feel.

We think you probably get it by now, but we just have to say it one more time; we love this couch. Article is amazing and has gotten us even closer to the completion of Mary’s dream home, which is, quite frankly, every one of our dreams. We couldn’t be happier about it, and hoping that every single member of the Lars team will get to take a couch nap in the very near future.


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