Pillow Refresh in Mary’s Guest Room

Serena & Lily Pillows Friends and Family SaleHave you seen the latest in Mary’s guest room (check it out here)!  From the beautiful wallpaper to the multifunctional furniture pieces, everything came together quite nicely and we are in love.  The open window is one of her favorites as it accentuates how tall the ceilings really are. In turn, however, this made some of the decor pieces, like the pillows, seem a little undersized.  Now, we love pillows just as much as the next person, so we decided our best option was to start looking for some larger statement pillows.  And just in the nick of time, Serena & Lily began their friends and family sale!Serena & Lily Pillows Friends and Family Sale

Serena & Lily Pillows Friends and Family SaleSerena & Lily Pillows Friends and Family SaleSerena & Lily Pillows Friends and Family SaleWith Serena & Lily’s mantra of “living well begins at home,” we knew they were just the place to look for a pillow refresh.  Their pillow covers (and inserts) are such a quick way to freshen up any space. We used a couple of the Pluma Hair on Hide Pillow covers that added some lovely texture to the space.  The Avalis Pillow Cover in pink was a must. Its light fringe was such a fun touch to the room. Pillows really are a simple but eye-catching change. Serena & Lily’s Family and Friends sale offer a variety of options and we found so many fun pillows (and even a throw)!  Below is a roundup of some of our favorites from Mary’s guest room:

Mary’s Guest Room Refresh

  1. Topanga Linen Throw
  2. Pluma Hair on Hide Pillow Cover
  3. Winter Beach Pillow Cover
  4. Avalis Pillow Cover
  5. Pluma Hair on Hide Pillow Cover
  6. Topanga Pillow Cover

Serena and Lily Favorites

While we’re at it, here’s another roundup of some of our all-time favorite Serena & Lily products:

  1. Tucker Counter Stool in Harbor
  2. Oakview Pillow Cover in Terracotta
  3. Cambria Mini Quilt in Navy
  4. Midbrook Table Lamp
  5. Harbor Cane Side Table in Ebony
  6. Atlantic Outdoor Pillow Cover in Canary
  7. Milo Alpaca Throw in Terracotta
  8. West Shore Pillow Cover in Coastal Blue
  9. Granada Pillow Cover in Navy/Moss
  10.  Capiz Scalloped Chandelier
  11. Auckland Pillow Cover in Ivory
  12. Bar Harbor Bone Inlay Mirror in Blue

Serena & Lily Pillows Friends and Family SaleSerena & Lily Pillows Friends and Family SaleSerena & Lily Pillows Friends and Family SaleSerena & Lily Pillows Friends and Family Sale

Serena & Lily’s relaxed style really gave a touch of comfort that every guest room needs.  These oversized pillows were the cherry-on-top for Mary’s guest room and now it’s ready and welcoming for friends and family alike to come visit. Would love to hear your thoughts!

This post is sponsored by Serena & Lily.  Thanks to the brands who allow us to focus on clever and original content for you! 



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