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Design + DIY + Interiors + Life + Projects / Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017

One Room Challenge Week 7: Final Reveal!

One Room Challenge The House That Lars builtYou guys! Can you even believe we made it to week 7, the final reveal (click here if you’re just joining in)? I’m pretty surprised myself! This One Room Challenge was a TON of work and it’s all thanks to so many generous people who made it possible as well as my awesome team, particularly our business director Mary, who put in so much time and enormous effort into making every detail perfect. In addition to running the business side of Lars, she plays an amazing contractor/DIY role. I mean, the detail work of that floor is nothing short of a miracle. Every single point lines up perfectly! I’m absolutely floored at the work that she did along with some awesome volunteers (victims???). We are so grateful for the countless hours, the late nights, and the sore muscles people sacrificed to help us make this office truly magical. Because it is! I’m so pleased with how this vision came to life. From top to bottom this office has been completely transformed with the help of some amazing companies we were privileged to work with. We’re going to take you through all the elements and little details that brought the entire look together, so buckle up and get ready!

One Room Challenge The House That Lars builtTake a look at the full reveal and all the details!

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DIY + Interiors + Projects / Wednesday, 8 Nov 2017

One Room Challenge Week 6: DIY Tumbling Block Painted Tile

how to paint a tumbling block pattern floorOur studio is all painted and I’m in awe of what a difference it makes! We’ve been in white studios for a long time. White is such a clean and bright neutral to work with, plus it gives us more options for shooting space. However, I’d forgotten how lovely and moody a darker room can be! If you haven’t checked out the before pictures, see them here! I have always believed in the power of paint, and using the paint from Farrow & Ball has made my wildest dreams come true! Now I can wholeheartedly jump on the wall molding bandwagon as well! But, we’re not done yet… We’ve got the walls and the ceilings covered, but what about that floor? We took some inspiration from the above photo and a number of others (see below!).

And here’s what we have so far this week: How to make a tumbling block

There’s nothing better than a beautifully tiled floor. My most recent excursions to Cuba and Paris both left me in awe of the stunning tile work. So when we began to brainstorm ideas for our studio makeover, I knew immediately tile would be my flooring of choice. That is until I realized I would have to sell my first born child to afford it. I racked my brain for alternatives and decided we needed to do a DIY rendition. Almost a year ago we painted our floor to imitate a multi-colored checkered floor, and if we did it once, we could do it again! Read on →

Interiors + Projects / Wednesday, 1 Nov 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 5

One Room Challenge week 5

Please note! The above photo is NOT the paint color. It’s the primer for dark colors and it’s more of a “what not to do” photo. See below for full explanation.

As you know, One Room Challenge has been extended an extra week and we couldn’t be happier for the extra time! We realized that we might have been a little ambitious when it came to our design plan, but go big or go home! We’ve completed all the moldings and paneling and it looks pretty amazing! See our tutorial here from Week 4. Of course, it takes a bit of time to complete the whole process from cutting, to installation, to caulking, but it will save you loads! Not to mention the difference it makes in a room: wall paneling completely transformed the space. The room seems so much larger and regal. Though, it’s not too difficult to improve from where we started!
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Design + DIY + Interiors / Wednesday, 25 Oct 2017

One Room Challenge Week 4: DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

A bit of news to start off with: One Room Challenge is being extended an additional week! Due to the many natural disasters that have occurred recently in Texas, Florida, and California, our timeline has been extended. Definitely not a great reason to have to extend, but selfishly, this means more design ideas, more inspiration, and more time to make a masterpiece. Check out weeks one, two, and three. This week we’re tackling DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie!

This week we have been knee deep in renovation chaos! Tearing out baseboards is no easy task. However, if we can do it, you can do it! Throughout this One Room Challenge, we have wanted to do as much of the manual labor ourselves as possible. Of course, some things are best left to the pros (Hello electricians), but many things can be a DIY project if you’re willing to put the time and energy into it! So we put our big girl pants on and decided to attempt DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie supplies coming to our aid! It’s an ongoing process, but so far so good! I’ve created some easy tips and tricks for those of you who want to transform your space with wall moldings! It really is one of the easiest ways to really make an impact and transform a room.

We’ve included a few more inspirations pictures we referenced to get our wheels turning. There are so many possibilities when it comes to molding, and the results are high impact! Luckily Metrie makes it easy with Option {M} which are interior molding and door combinations that reflect current decor trends, making decisions easier on you!

Take a stab at your own molding masterpiece!

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Design + Projects / Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017

One Room Challenge Week 3 featuring: The Mine, Article, Bellecor, Hayneedle, and Annie Selke

One Room Challenge Week 3The fact that it’s already week 3 in the One Room Challenge is making me feel equal parts excited and terrified! We still have so much to do! However, everything is in the works and I can say with full confidence that this office space is going to be amazing. It’s taken awhile to get a firm plan of action, so many decisions! But, we’ve finally gotten a handle on the overall design. Our color palette has shifted a bit from our last post (see Week 2, HERE) and it is going to be quite dramatic, especially when compared to where we started (see Week 1, HERE). We’re all about making an impact here!

Check out all the components and get a peek inside our design process!

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