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  • Kelsi says

    Green for sure!! No question. Then you can use pink for pops elsewhere! I think I would grow tired of a pink epoxy floor, but never mint/sage!

  • Tricia says

    So excited to see what you are coming up with in the new house! 😍 The mood pictures are phantastic (The last picture is the Ralph Pucci Showroom by India Mahdavi, loving her big time)
    Also loving both colours for the floor- but since there will be quite some light reflection from the epoxy happening, I would choose the blush pink- it leaves a nicer hue on people’s skin as the sage green does 🙂

  • Bonnie Witmyer says

    Epoxy! If you want color and resistant to water. Your house looks lovely, I can only imagine what creative minds will do with your new studio!!! It may be your busiest time of year but the holidays are always so warm and inviting, especially with your new addition to the family! ❤ There will be lots of memories made and it will be SO convenient to have things close by! Enjoy and embrace the future holds for you!