Designing a Soulful Kitchen with Eva Jorgensen

Eva’s kitchen was love at first sight. It’s undeniable that one feels a sense of home upon entering the kitchen. It’s not that the kitchen feels like you’re at grandma’s house, but rather that there’s a certain sense of importance that lingers in the air. One can tell there are items of great importance placed within the walls of that elegant space. As we spoke more with my good friend, creative director and author, Eva Jorgensen, (read more about her here) about the kitchen she created, the reason for that air of importance became obvious to us. Eva’s kitchen is home to a slew of beautiful keepsakes, both collected and gifted to her and we’re thrilled to walk you through how she got there in partnership with Delta.

These keepsakes provide a space that aids Eva in sharing memories with her children and friends, and serve as inspiration for the aesthetic of the kitchen. Her kitchen is nothing short of magical.

Personal details in a kitchen

Some of our favorite elements in Eva’s kitchen are the blue and white tiles that line her wall. Thinking about these tiles make us a bit emotional and not just because they are beautiful.  Eva grew up admiring these tiles that once belonged to her mother and dreamed of having some just like it.  They have now found residence in Eva’s kitchen, what can we say? Dreams do come true! 

As Eva began designing her kitchen, it was important that her personal relics combined effortlessly with a handful of modern items. After realizing her butcher block countertops were rotting, she realized she needed something more durable.

Stainless Steel countertop

She chose to incorporate a stainless steel countertop inspired by retro 50’s and 60’s kitchens. Here’s a collection of some of the kitchens that inspired her choice for the stainless steel countertops and blue tile. (Can you spot Claude Monet’s kitchen?)

Delta faucet

As Eva set out to complete her kitchen we realized we had just the thing for the perfect finishing touch. Our friends at Delta create the most lovely faucets and we thought that the Trinsic® Pro Single Handle Pull-Down Spring Spout Kitchen Faucet(which has some incredible amenities!) matched Eva’s stainless steel counters to a T.  

Touch technology

Its sleek form complements her nod to the retro 60’s kitchens with a modern industrial twist.  This faucet doubles nicely as a design piece and is fitted with Touch2O® Technology (which is quite magical in a house full of messy hands.)  A simple touch to turn it on, and touch to turn it off.  I’m thinking about how many times this would have come in handy between dinner making and crafting in my own home!

This faucet’s spring spout is just a step up from what we’re used to in a kitchen.  Thanks to its MagnaTite® Docking system, it will never lose its form, even when little hands are stretching it in all directions.  Say goodbye to old and droopy faucets and say hello to full range of motion.

Voice system

Just because this faucet looks perfect in its 60’s inspired home doesn’t mean it needs to perform like a 60’s faucet. The  is also compatible with Delta . Paired with Amazon® Alexa® or Google Assistant, setting up a smart faucet is incredibly user friendly, no app needed. One of our favorite aspects of VoiceIQ technology is its metered dispensing. Get the exact amount of water you need with just a simple voice command. The technology will also monitor your faucet’s water usage online, which simplifies going green even more!

With every element of Eva’s kitchen in perfect harmony this space is even more special than we could have anticipated! 

This post is sponsored by Delta. We love our sponsors who allow us to make beautiful projects for you! 

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