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Designing a Soulful Kitchen with Eva Jorgensen

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  • best trampoline says

    I just moved into a house and the kitchen sink has a double sink with two
    faucets. One faucet is a one-hole, single handle, pull-out mounted in a 1
    3/8″ standard hole. The other faucet is a two-hole, single handle
    system. The control handle is mounted in a 1 3/8″ standard
    hole, with the water supply running to that control handle.
    Another tube runs from the single control handle to the spout.
    However, the spout is mounted in a 3/4″ (or maybe 13/16″) hole – it is so tiny!
    I cannot find any replacement systems. Any thoughts on this 3/4″ (or
    maybe 13/16″) countertop hole?