Creative challenge to do with your kids at home
rainbow children's toys

Creative challenge to do with your kids at home

As you may have seen, this month marks the two-year anniversary of Craft the Rainbow! In honor of this very exciting anniversary, we’ve dedicated April to Craft the Rainbow-inspired challenges! These will be fun challenges that remind us of Craft the Rainbow, whether they be color-related, craft-related, or anything that inspires us!

Today we are kicking off the challenges with a kid-friendly, quarantine-friendly activity. This is perfect if you’re feeling cooped up and ready to roam around the house. Social distancing can be fun with a little creativity! Today’s kick-off challenge is also great for those of you who are focused on fun activities while homeschooling, particularly for our littlest Lars kids. Scroll down for the first challenge!

Creative challenge to do with your kids at home

Today’s creative challenge while you’re social distancing

Our Craft the Rainbow Challenge today is color-oriented! Today, start by finding everything in your house that is the color red! And we mean everything! You’ll want to share a pic with us on your story on Instagram so we know you’re participating!

Jasper and I took off around the house collecting all his favorite things in every color of the rainbow. He did a great job! It was fun to teach him about the rainbow in this way. And he found some old toys he’d forgotten about and suddenly wanted to play with again, so that’s a win. 

Creative challenge to do with your kids at home

This challenge can also get your family outside! Outdoor activities can be a lifesaver right now. Try walking or driving around your neighborhood and see how many red things your kids can point out.

How to teach your kids about color

I am always surprised by how much Jasper loves flipping through Craft the Rainbow and naming the colors he sees. Of course, as my child, he has grown up in a rainbow colored crafting world. (In fact, I am day dreaming about adding a rainbow gallery wall to our hallway right now!) I have always loved adding rainbows to his life as much as I possibly could, as you can see from the time I rounded up all my favorite rainbow themed baby and kids toys.

So it was no surprise when rainbow became the theme of my book! In fact, this challenge is based off the red chapter of Craft the Rainbow. For each chapter in the book we did this challenge ourselves, and rounded up all the most beautiful craft supplies we could find, one color at a time.

I think teaching your kids to have a love for color is one of the best ways to help them notice the world around them. That is why I love this print we carry by Lisa Congdon so much. It says, “the purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.” I really believe that teaching your kids the beauty of the rainbow when they are young sets them up to be much more open-minded, tolerant, and loving of differences throughout their life. And the lesson of rainbows coming after rain is a beautiful story I hope Jasper always remembers.

art print about color by lisa congdon

Keep an eye out for future challenges

Today’s color is red but we still have a whole rainbow to do! 🌈 Randomly on our Instatories we will challenge you to a new Craft the Rainbow inspired task. When you complete one, post it and tag us! We will feature your creativity and help spread the rainbow!

We know these challenges are simple, but your quarantine activities don’t have to extravagant! This is the time to simplify and spend creative time as a family.

Creative challenge to do with your kids at home



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