DIY mushroom playmat

Have you seen the adorable stuffed playmats in the shape of leaves or plants? I’m so in love with them! I was wanting to make one for Jasper long ago, but that ship sailed. There’s no way he can be contained to a little space like that these days. I couldn’t get it out of my mind so we brainstormed one that has a large touch and came up with a mushroom. Isn’t it so cute? It will be perfect for Next Baby (not an announcement!). Our photographer, Jane, had her adorable 4 month old cousin, Sam come over to test drive it and I think it’s safe to say he approved.

What do you think?! Ha! Such a sweetie pie. Learn how to make it below!

DIY Mushroom Playmat

This mushroom playmat is perfect for the little baby needing an adorable place to rest its head.

DIY Mushroom Playmat


  • 1.5 yard of fabric in a dark color (we chose a linen, you can also choose a cotton or canvas)
  • 1.5 yard of fabric in contrasting light color
  • 1/2 yard of light fabric
  • 2 yard of flannel for the back
  • thread
  • 1 package of medium batting (we double lined ours)
  • 2 embroidery thread colors to off-set the linen
  • needles
  • sewing machine
  • marking pencil
  • pattern (you can find it here)


1. Download and print the pattern.
2. Cut the pattern pieces out leaving an inch on paper around the edges.
3. Prewash your fabric and gently press it.
4. Once fabric is prepped lay out your fabric and gently lay the pattern pieces on top of the fabric they belong to.
5. Pin down pattern pieces to fabric.
6. Cut pattern out of fabric using scissors or a rotary cutter.
7. Take the two mushroom pieces and gently pin them at edges, we watched a tutorial to help us get this edge lay flats. It can be a little tricky and might look like it’s a disaster… it’s not!
8. sew pieces mushroom top pieces together.
9. Pew the mushroom base to the top of the mushroom. The front sides of top mushroom piece and the base should face each other so the seam is on the back of the piece.
10. You should now have an entire mushroom front piece!
11. Lay the mushroom from piece down and smooth out any wrinkles then lay the back piece of the mat down, smooth the wrinkles.
12. Lay down the batting making sure there are no bumps.
13. Cut the batting to the shape of the mushroom leave one inch of space around it.
14. Baste stitch the edge of the three layers together as well as sections in the middle.
15. Sew the edge of the three pieces leaving a 1” edge.
16. Sew the edge but leave a 6-7” opening so that you can flip your mushroom inside out.
17. Trim your edges.
18. Flip the mushroom inside out.
19. Hand stitch your opening closed
20. Gently press the edges flat.
21. Take final piece of pattern (the second mushroom base piece) and gently press your edges under 1/4”.
22. Lay the piece over the base of the fully sewn mushroom and blind stitch the edges of the mushroom bases together.
23. Take your embroidery thread and gently hand-stitch the top of the mushroom where the two pieces meet, tie off in the back.
24. Take your other embroidery thread and hand stitch the lines on the belly of the mushroom, tie off in the back.



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