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DIY Paper Hydrangeas

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  • Rachel says

    Maybe this is a newbie question but how do you dye the filters? How much dye do yo use? Also, do you do one at a time or all of them at once.

    • Sammy Jameson says

      Hi Rachel!

      An excellent question! The amount of dye that you use varies depending on the color you would like to create. If you would like a deeper color you will want to use more dye. We used just a few drops of purple and blue to create our petals and for our leaves, we used about a teaspoon of yellow and just a few drops of blue dye. Before we dyed all of our leaves we tested just one or two filters then once we had our desired colors we dipped them all at once, separated them, and used the oven to dry them. Good luck!

  • Helen D Williams says

    any tips on glue guns? Mine is slow, messy and does not hold well. Takes all the fun out of a beautiful project.