This year for our lars costume we settled on simple… with a twist! I have always loved the simplicity of the classic sheet ghost costume, not to mention the quick, easy and inexpensive nature of it. But it has never really been in Lars fashion to follow the rules, which is why we turned to shaking things up and coloring our classic ghost costumes to fit our love of rainbows!

I don’t think I can accurately tell you how much fun we had in these costumes, they started out as our easy fix and turned into something else all together. We laughed, danced and shed tears (only happy ones) because these ghost costumes were even better than we could have imagined!

DIY Rainbow Ghost Costume


  • Sheets (flat sheets work best, but you can use a fitted sheet and along the seam of the corners to make it lay flat! If the sheets you are dying are microfiber your color will come out lighter than expected we recommend a cotton sheet)
  • Dye
  • Large stainless steel pot
  • Fabric scissors


  1. Dye your sheet according to the directions on the bottle.
  2. Once dyed and dry place sheet over your head to accurately mark the spots for your eye holes.
  3. Draw circles in the marked spots
  4. Cut out the circles
  5. Your costume is ready!

We can’t wait to see your throw a twist on classic! Make sure to take us with #LarsMakes and #LarsHalloween so we can see how you’re shaking things up this year!