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One of my very favorite family traditions has been our yearly Christmas card. It’s that rare time of year when I can get Paul in front of the camera to document our family’s growth. Pre-photo generally tends to be a little stressful: organizing outfits, finding a location yadda yadda, then there’s the actual time in front of the camera which usually looks something like us bribing Jasper with some type of treat to get the shot (zoom in!). But man oh man the joy of looking through those photos once Jane (our in-house photographer) sends them back to us is twelvefold.

From that moment it’s go time, trying to get everything from picking a photo to the perfect stamp sorted to get those holiday cards sent out. This year we did it all with Vistaprint, an affordable option for holiday cards, and included some additional photo gifts to give out to family members for Christmas. And you can get up to 50% off holiday cards, wall calendars, and photo gifts with code LARSHOLIDAY at checkout!  

Here’s the back story….

Photo Gift Birthday Gifts

You might recall that for Jasper’s first birthday in January this year, I had a theme of…well, Jasper. Jane had taken this photo of him from our family Christmas photos and when I photoshopped his head out, it was so funny to me, that I envisioned putting it on all types of things–hats, shirts, pins, notepads, cell phone covers. 

So you go onto and you put your image onto one product, add it into your shopping cart, and then it shows you 30 other products that the photo can go on. It. WAS. MAGICAL. I pretty much ordered everything they recommended. We called it Jasper Swag and everyone went home with something. Because we assume that everyone wants something with our child on it. 

Mind you, this was all unsponsored. 

And then! 

The fairy godmother that is Vistaprint showed up and said, let’s work together! DREAMS COME TRUE! 

So, not only did we order our Christmas cards from them this year, but we also got more Jasper swag to hand out as Christmas gifts. HOOOORAY! 

Gold Foil Holiday Cards 

As I was on the hunt for my card I got to sorting through their holiday options and was pleased to find a slew of gems to choose from. They have a whole collection of gold foil cards, which stopped me dead in my tracks. I never look farther than gold foil. After time deliberating I finally found the perfect match for my photo that highlighted the warm colors perfectly. And it had some lovely florals that added a folk feeling that enhanced our colors.  

And when I received them in person they were even lovelier than I was expecting. They’re a lovely smooth finish with a raised gold foil. They’re really really pretty. I keep on rubbing my fingers across it–it’s so good! 

Personalized Return Labels on Envelopes

If the card matching the photo in the most perfect way wasn’t enough, the fact that I could personalize return labels right onto the envelopes and stamps in one stop sealed the deal. Being able to rely on their devices to finish these tasks is a huge time saver and makes the process easy and quick and helps me get my card out in a timely manner. They even have little circle stickers, where I promptly inserted a photo of Jasper eating a snack. I’ll be placing it on the outside of the envelope because I feel like it creates a cozy welcome, no?! 😉

Custom Photo Gifts

We have family that lives both near and far but we wanted to send a little extra love to our family abroad by sending them blankets of a hugging Jasper, like come on can you think of anything cozier?! We also had mugs made, a day starting with Jasper is bound to be a good day. Pillows because who doesn’t want to cuddle with him? Puzzles for nieces and nephews to build up those motor skills. You get it, they have everything and just in case you missed something they have 300 options that pop up at the end of other items you might (most definitely) need that always seems to make it in my cart.  

Custom Photo Calendars

We also made a 2020 calendar featuring none else than…Jasper! Jasper for every month of the year! I ordered a few extras to give as gifts to family members.  You can even take up to 50% off holiday cards and wall calendars with the code LARSHOLIDAY

Custom Photo Cell Phone Cases

Jasper cell phone case anyone? I love the quality on these. They’re a pretty matte finish.

Custom Photo Mugs

And, of course, Jasper as his Halloween costume squirrel costume. It was only a matter of time before we placed him on a mug for us to enjoy for a daily breakfast treat.

Cheap Custom Art Hack

And I discovered a cheap trick for framing art. Vistaprint offers an 11×17” poster for $5! You better believe that I’ll be doing this for way more things!

So, what it comes down to is we are all in for a very merry Jasper Christmas. Can’t you just feel the holiday spirit through his hug?! Ha ha ha!

Custom Photo Pillows

And lastly, I kind of did this one as a joke, but then, turns out, I LOVE HAVING JASPER’S FACE ON A PILLOW. Hahaha! Especially one where he’s giving a hug. I mean, settling into a comfy bed or sofa in a swarm of Jasper hugs? I can’t handle it! I think I’m going to add some poms and tassels onto the corners and give them as Christmas gifts to our cousins.

Would love to see how you do your Christmas cards this year. Show us by tagging us with #HolidaysWithLars


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