Our Team Christmas Card and Goodies

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It’s amazing to see the growth of our not so little anymore Lars family. Every year we take a photo, sure we aren’t family in the “we share the same blood” sense but we are family nonetheless. We come together, share common goals and interests and laugh together and even cry (nine out of ten times they are happy tears). To put it simply, we love each other and that’s why it is so important to document the Lars Family yearly. Time passes, and a lot can evolve in a year but I am so happy about where we have arrived and to have each one of these beautiful team members at the House Lars Built.

Some of you might be thinking “why are they (the people who love color so much) wearing black?” the answer is simple, we felt like it! Okay but this is the real reason, as I was seeking out the perfect card for my family Christmas card, I stumbled on a slew of beautiful cards from Vistaprint and I thought an all black styled shoot would be nothing short of perfect for the Lars 2019 team card. So we donned our best black attire, found the most incredible greenhouse to shoot at (yeah, that’s all real greenery!), and just like that the shot was taken and the Lars team was immortalized. And I couldn’t be happier about it. I like that it’s such a change for us!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You need not look beyond gold foil. After going back and forth between between a few options and trying to decide which card would highlight the black theme I had picked for the picture I settled on these beauties. I just couldn’t say no to the orange and floral design and thought they fell right in line with our branded citrus, and adding in just a hint of color to keep us grounded in our bright roots.

The cards arrived and they were nothing short of lovely. The finish on the card with the raised gold foil lettering left me pretty much drooling. Need I reiterate that you never need to look beyond the gold foil options?! Have I taught you this lesson well enough yet?!


We are big drinkers, water drinkers that is, which made the choice for team swag easy. Have you guessed what it is yet? Okay fine! I’ll tell you, water bottles! We love water, we love ourselves, naturally, and our team members making it only natural to plaster our faces on water bottles for a little daily 1. Hydration 2. Positive reinforcement of how good we look on those water bottles.


You probably know this by now but we have launched a line of Wrapping Paper! Which means we are in full small business mode shipping out orders daily to get you that paper to complete your holiday roundup. We wanted to include a hint of the Lars team in each package and Vistaprint came to the rescue. Providing us with these lovely inserts to help us greet each one of you this holiday season! We took one of their postcards and customized it front and back.


Stickers, need I say more? Stickers are such a great way to customize the customer experience and it seemed only right that we finish off the holiday packages that we are sending out with a sweet little Lars branded sticker on it. Vistaprint offers a variety of sticker sizes that are waterproof, and are just the right amount of sticky, which, if you are a sticker connoisseur like moi you will know that that is a vital piece of information.

Now, go ahead and order something so we can send these to you! 😉

You can find all of these customized options over on Vistaprint!


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