DIY Jingle Bell Balloons

We’re counting down the days on our advent calendar until good old Saint Nick arrives at our homes and we’re working on making it the warmest welcome yet! From the DIY bottle brush trees, to the eucalyptus leaf garland that the paper ornaments are hanging on, there is no corner of the house that will not be decked out for the big man himself. As we assessed all of the decorations, we realized we needed something big to welcome him in. After creating the baby shower balloon installation, we realized that Anagram’s metallic Orbz would turn into a perfect jingle bell. SO! We teamed up with our friends at Anagram balloons once again to create the jolliest jingle bell stairway (just in case Santa decides to use the stairs) you and Saint Nick have ever seen! 

DIY Jingle Bell Balloons



  1. Download the jingle bell template
  2. With the vinyl cut out enough for the amount of bells you are making. Each balloon will need four pieces. This step can be done with scissors or a craft cutter! 
  3. On the top of each balloon you will place the vinyl following the four seams of the balloon to create the jingle bell. 
  4. Once all of your balloons have been transformed into jingle bells you can start your installation! 
  5. Take the balloons and gently pull them through the balloons tape. Since these aren’t tied off you can secure them with tape at the bottom. 
  6. Create a segment of balloons with the balloon tape that fits the area where your installation is going. 
  7. Using wire or tape secure your balloon tape segment, with balloons in place, to the spot where you would like it to go. 
  8. Once the piece is in place you can add more balloons to it or remove some if they aren’t giving it the right shape. This can be done by adding balloons into the balloon tape or using glue dots to stack the balloons and hold them in place. 
  9. Get ready for Saint Nick to be impressed!

Be sure to tag us with #holidayswithlars so we can see your Christmas decor!

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