2020 Planners for Every Personality

Everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect planner. In honor of the new decade we wanted to find the perfect planner for every personality and schedule to make 2020 the most productive year yet!

1. For the BIG plans
2. For the fancy plans
3. For the flower lovers
4. For the list-makers
5. For the grownup “dear diary”
6. For the on-the-go planner
7. For the Boss Babe
8. For the Party Planner
9. For the Over-Achiever
10. For the simple days
11. For the “Busy Little Thing”
12. For the Bookworm
13. For the Personal Plans
14. For the Designer
15. For the Jet-Setter
16. For the Picky Planners

Planner time!

You can read about how we define the perfect planner here, but no matter what we think, this list has something for everyone! Love a planner with all the frills? We got you. Think a planner should start as blank slate? We got you. Is your planner full of grocery lists and kid’s ballet pick up times? Or is it saved just for your biggest 2020 travel plans? Either way, WE GOT YOU.

Click on any of the link above to find the perfect spot for all your big plans. We would love to hear what planner you pick out!


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